Thursday, January 03, 2008

All Accounting Services Ltd.

will I die or live

well here it is a day before Christmas again . all by my self. I have work and live a hole life to end up depress and deprive on having a retirement at 55, what worse i am getting sick again. you can't live with stress for 11 years and not get sick. The Government will not pay for my heart pile any more, my doctor did not do a thing for me on December 20/2007, I am just a burden to my Family, I guest they hope i pass on some, hard to live with out a dream.

Crime pays for white collar people

Look at the people that has ben involved in my Expropriation of my Planed employment on my property, ? what do you do now after 11 years of life have pass by, being sick and in bad health, to late to start over,? what Should I do.!!!!

The people that will benefit, Government White collar people, John s.Raymond. What kind of a person is this Guy, Take a look at the Richard Mcleod court case.[see] you will see these people
set out to Finaniallay RUIN Richard Harris. { there is no Justice in the Court System} The List of People that lie on the Holy Book, at trial: Heather lee Pugh, and John S.Raymond, ? yes Crime will pay for these two, they work for the Government: ? But why did my Accounting firm owner lie on the Holy Book.

Gerald Withers, owner of All Accounting Services Ltd. He told me in Court in March 2005 that he was starting his owne Church, ? God Know," Behold ,the days Come....that i will send a famine in the land
,not a famine of bread,nor a thirst for water,but of hearing the words of the lord:

"" PERJURY""" the Crime of lying under OATH, maybe Gerald Withers think it all right

because he going to start a Church,???
Revelation comes in many forms.

what kind of PARASITE are these people, Goodwin,Caldwell,Logan,Raymond,Withers,Carter,and the on going list. What a System.

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