Thursday, January 24, 2008

we the plublic can! have Justice

no way to get a life back. We need to start class action (General)

The Government use Association to do the Crime.

We the people can!

They are trying to have a life, we can join together to make some fairness in Property laws.

Once a taxpayers becomes a victim in an Expropriation case and cannot get any fair relief in the Court system?

If the Association get big enough?

We the Association member could lobby the Government to cut Property tax on senior at retirement income bases, instead of property value.

This would be a way that senior could afford to keep their homes and pass then on to their kids.

We will need volunteer for the first three year to do this, until there is enough money in the Association bank account, that the interest well be able to pay employees.

The member ship feed could be $25.00 per-year.

The Government use Association to do the Crime.

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