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(hon.)(JUS) Burke,T.J. letter to RICK ,Harris.

Marquis, Louise (JUS) (louise.marquis@gnb.ca) on behalf of Burke, T.J. (Hon.) (JUS) (T.J.Burke@gnb.ca)
Sent: March 21, 2007 3:15:02 PM
To: injusticecoalition@hotmail.com
Cc: Premier Shawn Graham (PO/CPM) (Premier@gnb.ca)

Dear Mr. Harris:

RE: Richard A. Harris et al v. Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the

Province of New Brunswick as represented by the

Minister of Transportation

Your email of February 20, 2007 to Premier Graham has been referred to me for reply.

You currently have an appeal in the Court of Appeal of New Brunswick from the decision of the Court of Queen’s Bench, dated June 30, 2005 in the above noted matter. The Attorney General is the solicitor of record for the Province of New Brunswick in this appeal, which is referenced in your email to the Premier. All correspondence in relation to this appeal should be forwarded to the attention of David Eidt, solicitor and agent for the Attorney General.

Your email to the Premier also refers to an action which you have commenced against a Mr. Goodwin. I understand from David Eidt that this is Harrison Goodwin, an appraiser. The Province of New Brunswick is not involved in that action and we are therefore unable to comment on it.

Your email complains about the solicitors who represented you in the trial of your claim against the Province and about certain members of the appraisal profession. Mr. Eidt advises me that you are aware that complaints against these persons should be directed to their professional societies or associations. These organizations are responsible for receiving and investigating complaints about the conduct of their members. If appropriate, they have the authority to impose sanctions upon members who are found to be derelict in their duties.

I trust this answers your concerns.

Yours truly,

The Honourable Thomas J. Burke, Q.C.

Attorney General

From: Richard Harris [mailto:injusticecoalition@hotmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 3:32 PM
To: Premier Shawn Graham (PO/CPM)
Subject: http://govinjustice.blogspot.com i need help i will be cook monday at 1:30 in

In court Monday at 1:30 the 26 /07 on a motion that my Action on Goodwin more then likely will be gone ? this man took 21,000.thousand from me 8 year ago please help me for i go off the deep end February 16,2007

To David D. Eidt, Esq. Richard Harris Office of the Attorney General 721 Irvine st.#40

670 King Street E3A-3E4

Room 444, Centennial Building

Fredericton New Brunswick


Dear Mr. David Eidt, Esq.

On February 12, 2007 when we were in Court on the matter of the appeal on court file, NO; F/C/328/00, I showed you a letter that I had received, from the Law Society of New Brunswick, it was a letter to Jamie Eddy, from Robert Pineo, where he is updating Mr. Eddy, on my expropriation case files. (No; F/C/328/00), am I correct?

I don’t think they are representing me on the Goodwin matter court file, which was imposed on me because of the expropriation matter. It should have been obvious to the government employee (assuming that they were taking into account my best interests.) that, they would be putting a stop to my self-employment on February 12, 1997.

I hold that since the Appraiser Society of New Brunswick and all the lawyers involved in the expropriation cases at this time were heavily dependent on government contracts and so were not motivated to act in the best interests of the public who were having their lands expropriated. In essence an inherent conflict of interest existed.

The Government gave large amounts of money to set up a contractor company. MRDC, and the Company law firm Patterson Palmer Hunt Murphy.

If they ran in to any difficult property owners, they would bully the land owners around until they were forced to quit their claim due to mental exhaustion or financial ruin.

Douglas Young (ex Ottawa Minister, also lawyer of the third biggest Atlantic Canada law firm, also head of MRDC at that time), seems to have operated on a principle tactic of force and control. Many land owners who were financially challenged or poorly educated were at greater risk of being financially savaged. Douglas Caldwell, a NS lawyer, who was and still is working for the same law firm Doug Young is affiliated with advertised that he would not charge for representing the client ascertaining that he was being funded by the expropriation act.

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