Thursday, January 24, 2008


LOOK At This Story of Delay Justice.
I guest i Lucky i was only delay 12-year of life. but look at what age i am now ? if i decide to start over and my health.???/what would you do,at 56 this summer.

I can tell you're exhausted and tired of the fight, but hang in there. I hope you find the closure you need, I wish there was something I could do to help: All I can do is tell you I'm sorry for what happened to you and your family, and my sincerity that you get the justice you greatly deserve and long for.

I agree with you. I asked the Cops, RCMP, to talk with the Officers I made reports with through the years, he said they're retired now and he couldn't find them. I asked him if anyone was sending them a pension check, they will know. The RCMP no longer returns my calls, CRIMINALS all accross Canada, evetryone of them.

add your links to your videos my friend

people need to know where to go to help you out

I cannot help but will spread your story about as much as I can starting January after Xmas this is a shocking history all children need to know all adults are not monsters or just mouths no action people

have a merry Xmas to you and your family
2008 this will blow up BIG TIME

Im sobbing, praying, cause when SHIT like this happens, & condoned as a lifestyle,now I want to burn the town to kill the disease! Excuse me Byron, but I WILL RIP THEIR FUCKING HEADS OFF! I wish GOD would put me there to fight beside you. I'm going to follow you like an angel, and write REMINDERS to the bastards everyday for you. They are't sweeping you under the carpet! Send addresses 2 me "Courage" U R teaching the meaning. Mona

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