Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crime of Perjury

Perjury is extreemely difficult to prove. now would D.O.T. have Drawing that would show there property requirment from Richard Harris & Property.On December 17,1996,??

The Day his wife Marilyn Harris would sign for a reg-letter at the postal outlet. In Oromocto after she got of work.

The Letter was a Notice of Intent to Survey. dated one day after a open meeting of Change of the highway alinement, THE LETTER SAID.

The exact details and Location of Construction will not be know until the Survey work is Completed and design Approved by the department.? would this be Highway location Survey line on drawing showing the Property requirement from my self and H.A.R. Construction.

Judge Russell must think D.O.T. is Real fast, D.O.T. had drawing before they did the Survey work. ===== Perjury of Heater Pugh.. It not like T.J.Burke,don't know what is up.The Ombudsman office know of this Abuse is going on. People in Goverment are rewarded for there life work after 35 years. ! I am seeking a Investigation in a lot of these Expropriation Files.

this link will take you to Judge Russell Decision

[56] Mr. Carter correctly utilized the Direct Comparison Approach and correctly analyzed available market data. Approximately 86.5% of the parent lot remains for future development with substantial access to the Broad Road. I conclude the value placed on the expropriated portion of the parent lot by Mr. Carter is appropriate as is his finding there was no injurious affection. The value of the H.A.R. lands taken is, therefore, $2726.00.
! now this Property in this shape & size would not even be markable on the market.???Why did Russell do this ? let look at the Goodwin Matter here.

Goodwin said all the property taken was only worth $5,300.oo Dollars, after he took $21,000.00 Dollars from me. My Lawyer on October 16/2000 John B.Logan Told me $75000,00 loss.???

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