Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In Court on my Appeal February 13/2008.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

An unhappy land developer!!!

Doug Young head man for
M.R.D.C. also a lawyer mix up

with PPH.M.,Lawyers,
Dear Charles,

I would like to be in court with you Nov.2th,2006.? as to see what take place. Because when I went to court on march 7/2005

what was to take place was all ready stage from the start of February 12/1997. all ready knew the out come. (deep-pocket a person until they quite.

So I hope that they don't all ready have your out come all ready set.

Like they did in my case.

They know i will have to give up soon as it cost a lot of money to keep on fighting for the right to be use fairley in the court.

In front of a Judge.

I don't know how you getting to saint John but if you would like a drive there call me Rick

I am seeing a lawyer to morrow, but i don't think he will help me much.

I think

Denis Landry,Minister,The Ombudsman, Court of Appeal,Court of Queen's Bench;and more then ;likely the new Premier's office will make sure i wouldn’t get a Lawyer to help me?

If i did then the Doug Young Law firm Patterson Palmer mite not get a way with Abuse.

I don't know how Denis Landry will answers the 3 pages letter under right to information with out digging a deeper hole. Of upholding perjury, by his worker.

Maybe a blog will help someone from becoming poor that will have no legal Right

(there is no Democracy in Expropriation now as we know it.[

I could really show this with a BLOG and believe the Government would have to do a investigation.

Email me injusticecoalition@hotmail.com

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