Thursday, January 03, 2008

obstruction and Expropriation, fraud.propaganda.


People at Cox & Palmer LawyerS .

was part of the Expropriation GANG?

Cox, Hanson,O'reilly,Matheson.?was

Former Law firm of The New Brunswick Association of Real Estate Appraisers.

another part of the GANG.

Patterson,Palmer,Hunt, Murphy, Law,


LAW FIRM <> for M.R.D.C.

the one that got the 27,million dollars Bump.

If you need a lawyer in this area, please contact any of the following lawyers:

Douglas A. Caldwell, Q.C. Link???
Dennis J. JamesLink??????
Robert H. Pineo Link??????

The Honourable John C. Crosbie , P.C.,
O.C., Q.C
(709) 570-5501
St. John's, Newfoundland

Canada is a great country, Human right is very important ,

Canadian Premier Minister

Happer holds Canadian's democracy, freedom and equal value,
and not sell ...
- 101k - 2006-11-16

Canada Premier Minister Happer should do
a Public Inquiry on the rest of the

The Daily Gleaner Wednesday
November 14/2007. quote :
Public Inquiry Ordered ? did Mulroney get
$300K from Schreiber> see A7 ? Small fry Money.

Is Premier Minister Harper done with Sponorship Scandal ? Now we are talking a $ 27,million bunp.

we are talking Victims of ,a life,. Employment,
and force on well fair,

Now 2008 the N.B.Government are going to
Employ 8 more appraisers ,I think you will find some of these people in this blog site that will be employ at $42,000.per year,???
I think pay off.

! I personally think it don't matter if you are a
L or P,C when it Come to TAX Payer Money,???

You can see my point by looking at

Question ? how do these Big Law firm
get there quid, ? just look at Yellow Page Add.

Look at there Office Space Rent.

Look at Court Files. and you will
see that there is a wrong here.

the finger would be dishonest.the addition would
not add up.? so where dozes the money come
from. You got it, Tax payers bucks.

Jamie Eddy
(506) 462-4751
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Douglas Wright
(709) 570-5544
St. John's, Newfoundland

Peter M. Wright
(506) 856-8152
Moncton, New Brunswick

The Honourable M. Douglas Young ,
(506) 633-2737
Saint John, New Brunswick

Monika Zauhar
(506) 453-9644
Fredericton, New Brunswick

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