Thursday, January 10, 2008

what up here

As far as i know D.O.T are going to cut these 40 some big lots in half. If D.O.T. have a little

Logic here they could save the Taxpayer a lot of quid. ? by shifting the alignment a little to the back side of the 40 some lots.! they would not need to build a property Access road ,along this Highway bypass route.

maybe the highway contractor will make less, but would it not be better for the property owner and the Taxpayers.???? what do you Joe public think.??? How can I help the Squid Project?

The Squid project is run mostly by volunteers who donate their time and resources to a variety of activities. You've a few options if you'd like to help out.
Participate in Development
The most obvious way! Sign up for a Sourceforge account and subscribe to the squid-dev mailing list. We'll gladly help interested parties in coding up their little corner of the Squid web-cache and get it integrated into the mainline branch.
There's a whole lot of bugs in the Squid Bugzilla which could benefit from some love and attention.
The Squid Wiki is a repository of frequently asked questions, configuration examples and other documentation which could always do with a little more attention. Create an account and contact the Wiki sitemaster to give you write access.
Be a tester

Access Richard Harris by E-mail- I would like to start

A Property owner Association ? why so we will have a gang in stead of just two

people trying to get the Government to use LOGIC????

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