Sunday, February 10, 2008

Richard Harris will be in Court February 13,2008.

Charles the Government did not only Expropriation my Property,

They Took my plane Employment a way also? A 20 years of livening to get where I was in life to build new homes on my owned Property???

What was worse they left me property that they knew that would burden you, until you settle or go all the way to Court.


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Yesterday while going for my walk around the two bridges. I bumped into someone who told me that Richard Harris just took a heart attack.

Who’s Richard Harris?

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There’s many people who says that my grammar is terrible. I am non-educated so therefore I shouldn’t write my views on a blog.

Well? As you saw in Richard’s blog. He has a grade 6th education.

His grammar is terrible but don’t he have the right to write his views?

It pissed me off when someone leave a comment and people make fun of the individual grammar.

It’s pure discrimination!!! I refuse to post these comments. People with poor grammar still have the right to their opinions.

Going back to Richard Harris?

He’s a rebel!!! He was expropriated from his land and he doesn’t believe that he got a fair value.

The Government told him - If you don’t like it? Bring us in court.

It reminded me of the time those racist people from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission came out with their behind close door meeting that people with ADHD taking Ritalin are close to mental retardation!!

In 2002, I came to Fredericton and demanded some answers of how they came to that decision?

They told me - If you don’t like it? Bring us in court!!!

Well, they knew I didn’t have the money to do that but in Richard Harris case?


It cost him thousands of dollars and he didn’t agree with the Judge’s decision so he spent more money.

He would always talk about the crooked system and after a time the stress caught up to him and he took a heart attack.

Would that warning sign slow him down?

Of course not!

As the rebel he is? He just continue with the battle and last Saturday night he took another heart attack.

I decided to walked Regent Street to visit my friend.

My God?? Walking Regent Street in a snow covered sidewalk is very difficult!!!


I decided to walk on the busy street!!!


After a while, I made it to the hospital!!!


I found out something?

There’s nothing wrong with my lungs!! I never cough once.

Those prescription pills worked good.

I was told the area he was located was for family members only but they let me see him.

He was sleeping like a baby so I decided to leave him alone and walk back home!!!

Yes, my prayers are for Richard for a quick recovery but when you fight the Government?

You are definitely going to be stressed out!!!!

In my case? It’s the Scottish genes that saved me from a heart attack!!!

Scottish people are the stubbornness people on earth.

We won’t back down because we know we’re right!!!

I hope my buddy gets well soon!!!

Will this warning sign slow him down?

I doubt it!!!!

As you can tell he's still blogging from his bed in the hospital.

A true rebel right till the end!!!!

My prayers are for Richard to have a quick recovery.

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