Sunday, February 10, 2008


D.O.T. took my best lots, the ones i had all ready to start building my first new Home on ? keeping the two front lots to be the last to build on. my best lots on the property was the ones behind the front lots.

by May of 1997 I knew for sure i would not be able to work on my property for that summer.

I had a chanch to sale my old house ? but no place to build a new one unless I remain in deat/

Iwould have to move $8,000.00 dollars of debera before I could start ?

I did'nt have any other Jobs schaled for the Summer.

late May/1997 got a job offer out west.Could not get a job in base . ? so i gest on June 9/1997 i made my mind up to sale sale out and move my Faimly out west soon where.

willd i was out there working

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