Saturday, February 09, 2008

Comments R.C.M,.P. Do I go to then.?

Premier-designate Shawn Graham will have difficulty choosing his cabinet from friends and allies, says a former Liberal premier.

Camille Theriault, who became premier in 1998, said he found it "gut-wrenching" to decide which of his friends and allies to put in cabinet.

"No premier who has ever been elected can avoid going through what he's going through right now," said Theriault. "It's pure hell."

Graham will unveil his new cabinet when he and his ministers are sworn into government on Oct. 3.

Please MR Harris,look what suffering liberals have to go through!hell,just pure hell,like real hell,,for their friends.
Doug young needed that, please.

jackie vautour was pepper sprayed and then beeten till they brock his bones this was the R.C.M.P and two parks canada employees .

After they did this to a 70 year old man they went after his wife yvonne who was 68 at the time .

They grabed her and held her under water till she ran out of air and she inhailed wated and she past out . and the three criminals who attaked my parents were never charged for this . why ??

we have evidence that the kouchibouguac pard is not leagle and that is why the government will not let us present our evidence in the courts they know we have evidence .

i'm fed up with the suffering they are making parents .syblings and myself go true , the truet must come out for the love of GOD .

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