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I Richard Harris was in Court of Appeal to day Nov_2007



David J. Johnstone


Richard Harris




Four _-4,






Notice of intent to survey letter


Hugh J.Cameron,Esq ,Ombudsman office,

Urgent For Review Please Comment Please Reply Please Re

Questions: on paragraph three of this letter, dated 12/1996

1. When and what date was the exact details and location of the new highway construction center line would be known. ? or was known

2. What date did the survey work started on the property? as to this letter 12/96

3. What date was the survey work completed and the design drawing approved by the department?? ( was it before March 7,1997)

4. What is the first date D.O.T. department knew what was the property requirement they would wishes to purchase from Richard Harris.?

5. What date at the earliest could these survey center line of highway be added to this attachment drawing. ? (Where did this Drawing come from) did this drawing come from Lonnie Forbes on feb3/1997? Yes or no.

6. attachments : facsimile cover sheet ,to Ross Little Feb/3/1997

7. : Notice of intent to Survey letter to Richard Harris dated December 12, 1996.

8: drawing with no date on it, showing 19 building lots. That had Survey line added on it at some date, in 1997 I, Richard Harris make request under the Right to Information Act, Chapter R-10, 3 for the about questions and I am requesting answers not only documents: If I’m receiving only Documents, then I’m requesting Documents with the Dates and Times that work was done on them. Or Such as.

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