Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Student have more sents then PREMIER GRAHAM?

What does a grade six student from St. Antoine, NB do when he's upset at
the government's policy on uranium mining?

He makes a video and posts it
on YouTube, of course!
Non aux mines d'Uranium - No Uranium Mines

You get it???? No is No Or Non is Non ???

News Headlines:

Rising costs take glow off nuclear plants
Rob Linke, Telegraph-Journal
Published Monday June 30th, 2008

AECL and SNC-Lavalin sign MOU on nuclear collaboration with Jordan
Published Saturday June 28th, 2008

Cameco Corp. says plans to pump water out of Cigar Lake approved
Published Friday June 27th, 2008

Playing the Game ? WHAT KIND OF Game Playing is Shawn Playing with uranium ?

Mind your Tees and Cues! Shawn Graham ? Money not MOST IMPORTANT or dead end Jobs?
A Beginner’s Guide to Golf Rules and Etiquette
§ No one likes a slowpoke - Keep pace with the group ahead.
§ Ready to drive it home? - Be ready to hit when it is your turn.
§ Finish strong - Keep putting until you have holed out.
§ Get in ‘The Zone’ - Tee off between the markers.
§ Low grass = no stash - Keep bags and carts off tees and greens.
§ 20/20 vision - Watch others shots to help them find their ball.
§ My how time flies! - Take no more than 5 minutes to look for your ball.
§ Duty calls - Rake sand traps when you leave them.
§ Picture perfect! - Leave the course the way you found it.

Cameco Corp. says plans to pump water out of Cigar Lake approved ???

where are they going to pump water To?

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