Monday, July 28, 2008

Robert T.kickham?

Small world EH Frenchys? Maybe we will all meet in court in short order EH?

I would love to have a long talk to you Mr. Parachini but only if you
are an honest man who doesn't try to play dumb. I can smell Bullshit
through the phone from halfway around the world. you can take that
fact to the World Trade Bank and mention my name. please pay attention
to my next emails for your benefit as well as mine. I am as serious as
a heart attack even though I crack a joke or two..

Rest assured Ropes and Gray has had Hard Copy of my material ever
since they replaced the Rogers Law Firm in Beantown right after
Cardinal Law quit and run off. As far as I know my wife's cousin the
ex banker turned Priest Robert T. Kickham is still cardinal O'Malley's
secretary. Now that the ex Hitler youth whom they picked as pope is
running around the World apologizing for pious diddlers. do ya think I
should sue you god damned Churh in Canada Chucky Baby?

The truly funny part is do ya think the fancy lawyers in Philly have
even two clues as to what I am talking about? I doubt if Paul Kinsella
associates in Beantown have told him shit. Perhaps he should seek the
corrupt counsel of his long lost Canadian cousind Noel and Warren
Kinsella right after they receive my next emails N'est Pas?

Other than laugh at the nonsense of it all, the layman in me should
advise lawyers that they should be more careful with whom they
associate with EH? Do ya think any of them have the balls to call the
RCMP or the FBI Chucky Baby? I doubt it too.

If Mr. Fitterman is paying attention

Perhaps he should consider taking me as a client.i can make him rather
famous and wealthy as well if he is ethical that is. All he has to do
is press print on the tiff document he receives next and then assure
himself that I am the whistleblower that I caused Shelby and Dodds etc
to pitch fits in the hearings of the Senate Banking Comittee on
November 18th and 20th, 2003 It was about the Industry that Billy
casey claims he knows a lot about. Before the lawyers in Philly etc
dare to call me a liar they really should ask themselves why Power
Corp in Canada bought Putnam Investments and the transcripts went
"Poof" once the sub prime mortage bullshit started picking up steam
and the FBI caught Eliot Spitzer with the wrong broad. Rest assured
stuttering French bastards will never tell ya the truth about this
shit. Power Corp owns Montreal. Correct Gilles Baby?

Look for this email right here within the comments of Danny Boy's blog about me.

And my blog right here as a doublecheck and to put Stevey Boy
Harper's fancy pink panties in a knot.

Here is how I discovered the Yankee lawyers checking out the doings
between me and chickenshit little French priques.

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

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