Friday, July 04, 2008



who is government Lawyer John B.D.Logan and what has he in common with D.O.T. John
S.Raymond ?


now what could the N.B. taxpayer do for this guy? over 30 year off Abuse.

July 4/2007 Jackie Vautour Daughter speaks out!

Jackie Vautour was pepper sprayed and then beaten until they broke his bones !

This was the R.C.M.P. and two parks Canada Employees/?

Are these People not paid by the Taxpayer!


one time the Government would burn you out of your Property?

now they deep pocket you until you give up. on what you ask ! life?


I went to this guy in 2001, about John B.Logan on what he told us what our case was worth?

$ 750,000.00 Dollars ? Brad Green would not hire a lawyer that don't know what he talking
about would he?

Why did the Shawn Graham Government Not dump this Lawyer?

Why did the Harper Government make Brad a Judge?

Look at this and go to and google this guy?

511486633_da733340Greg Byrne

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