Monday, June 16, 2008


Hear hear!!! The fox is in the henhouse now and it appears the only the coyote is standing guard.

One inspector for how many claim sites?

Over 19,000.

How many landowners have not even been notified that their land is staked....there is no policing of this at all.

No Uranium Exploration or Mining

! 19,000 Landowners at risk of Expropriation

If you become one of these property owners ? the Government
will pay you penny for your property ? this Money all come from the Taxpayer in the First place?

It a way to give Taxpayer money to the Rich?

I find it funny that New Brunswick's think the Mining company? [ a group of people} a body of soldiers]?

had put or spend 14 million dollars of there own Money

in EXPLORATION crews searching for uranium ?

! 14 million buck would of bend spend on this

would this not of bend better for the taxpayer ?

Invention of a lifetime: Fire & Water

Now, if we can only stop the imperial war mongers from controlling this technology, things might start to settle down.

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