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Mr. Werner Bock, a farmer from Germany and New Brunswick.

Maritime Troubles Ask Us!!! Photos No problem can be solved until it is understood. This is the website of Mr. Werner Bock, a farmer from Germany and New Brunswick. Mr. Bock has been a farmer his entire life, and attended the technical colleges of Agriculture and Business in Northeim, Germany, for four years of appropriate science and business training. His family still resides on the family farm in Germany. Mr. Bock now primarily cares for beef cattle, although his pets and even he, has acquired strange injuries. These injuries defy a logical explanation. 200 head of cattle have died mysteriously over the past 10 years, which is a significant loss of income, not to mention heartache. Mr. Bock has sought redress and investigation from every level of Canadian Government and has been met with incompetence, neglect, buck-passing, and outright abuse in response. On this website we research and document the injuries. The incompetence of the various governments, complaint boards, ombudsmen, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and failed policies of government interference/shortsightenedness are nothing new to the area farmers. Mr. Bock has made numerous trips and written appeals to Fredericton, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto to request a proper investigation, but apparently the health of the regional agriculture and the obvious questions of how these occurances of illness and injury may be affecting the local human population are of no concern to the various bureaucracies. In attempts to contact the media, on radio, Mr. Bock has been met with the more common derogatory and cruel rejections that reek of the usual corruption and neglect from government that is seen in the United States Canada has the resources to do better than this. Approximate 20 cattle died per year over the last 10 years of clearly unnatural causes. Mr. Bock placed these dead animals on the roadside to attract the attention of passers-by because the RCMP and the heath and agriculture authorities either ignored, botched all logical analytical sampling and discovery, or blamed Mr. Bock in the usual "Blame the Victim" way of the cowardly, arrogant and incompetent paid government "authorities." See the Photos page for more documentation The normal means of research is, of course, formal documentation and laboratory examination, but the best Mr. Bock could get from the local veterinarians and the RCMP was bungled sample handling, such as scraping off of surface tissue and washing excised damaged tissues in a puddle of water on the ground, and allowing soil samples to sit un-refridgerated for weeks at a time. Within the YouTube website, YouTube has associated a video of some of the damage to Mr. Bock's cattle to "UFOs are doing it" videos produced by others. Mr. Bock makes no assertions that "aliens" are at work, here. Rather, this web brings forth what is scientific and validated. Thus the link to the aforementioned video within a website published in the USA has been removed. What the law enforcement authorities and the media in Canada wish to ignore is the simple fact that the killing of cattle is a crime and that the speaking out against the public corruption and the associated malice and or incompetence of public servants who chose to ignore such a crime is not. The Canadian Charter of Rights is very clear about the right to Free Speech and the more than justifiable Political Actions of a very hardworking, taxpaying immigrant farmer. The RCMP and the various Ministers and their underlings within the various federal and provincial mandates of Canadian government over the course of over thirty years have refused to act within the scope of their employment, uphold the law, the public trust and protect the interests of at least one farmer. The plight of one immigrant whose sad complaints have been ignored for way past too long should be the concern to all Proud Canadians if not for the obvious ongoing crime, at the very least fot an environmental concern to all. Whatever killed these cattle so suddenly over the years can no doubt kill humans too. One thing no one can ever deny is that the Canadian Criminal Code does state as follows and nobody cannot deny that there are photos of many dead cattle attached to this website. One must ask why the RCMP have refused to do their job and merely claim that they lack the resources to investigate. The RCMP have refused to return the farm since October of 2006 and seldom even return a phone call. Three more animals have died since then and the Royal Candian Mounted Police quite simply don't care to investigate crimes they don't wish to despite their federal mandate and their contract with the people of the Province of New Brunswick. PART XI: WILFUL AND FORBIDDEN ACTS IN RESPECT OF CERTAIN PROPERTY Cattle and Other Animals Injuring or endangering cattle 444. Every one who wilfully (a) kills, maims, wounds, poisons or injures cattle, or (b) places poison in such a position that it may easily be consumed by cattle, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years. R.S., c. C-34, s. 400. People should investigate on their own and become familiar with the National Libraries of Medicine and other science databases To find the US National Library of Medicine, Google National Library of Medicine and click on the PubMed page. This is a very user-friendly search engine, because don't forget, common MDs have to use it, and most of them perform no real laboratory research and learn everything they know from BigPharma and BigInsurance. Use also the various patent databases, such as, or Espacenet (the European and World patent databases) to compare what the public is told vs what the government funded researchers really claim about pathophysiologies and their causes. In the US the biggest abuse of scientific research funds occurs under the Dole-Bayh Act, in which researchers can patent what DNA they discover. Sometimes these discoveries are not put to the best benefit of the public, as is the case with the Yale Borrelia burgdorferi-specific flagellin method to detect "Lyme Disease." Yale's best test is patented under US patent 5,618,533, but this earliest and most accurate test is not available to the public or veterinarians, nor was it used to assess vaccines outcomes. Email Werner Bock

Corporal Warren McBeath of the RCMP.

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