Friday, June 06, 2008

R.C.M.P. Playing Dumb= Stockwell Day?

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For the record I wrote this email in a hurry while making many phone
calls. I make no apology whatsoever for any honest mistakes in a time
of great stress. My Farmer friend Werner Bock and must go out and
secure the evidence of more of his cattle dying today while the RCMP
laugh at our concerns with the DHS and his persecution.

Whereas all my calls to the RCMP recently are always directed to some
noname Commissionaires I just got off the phone with the purported
boss of the Commissionaires Mr. Driscoll in his National Office to ask
him why my concerns concern his people and not the RCMP. As usual he
was too busy to talk to me so I called to talk Ms. Clowater one of his
underlings in Saint John once again and she just tried to difer me to
someone else as usual.

To say that II am tired of people playing dumb would be an
understatement on quite possibly the last day 39th Parliament sits
this summer. It appears to me that your first line of defence in your
support of public corruption boils down to retired RCMP and military
people EH Stockwell Day? If So then So be it. They will receive Hard
Copy of my material BEFORE we meet in Federal Court even though my old
classmate from High School Bruce Noble and every law society and court
in Canada have acknowledged that email and their attachments etc are
very legal and very binding evidence. That is why Fat fred city has
now web page email just like Mr. Harper's cohorts do N'est Pas Brucy

For the record the dude who calls himself "freddybeachsleuth" is NOT
me. The fact that he steals my name and thunder like the nasty
bastard in Edmonton Alberta Dean Roger Ray did over a year ago should
be of great concern to the RCMP. Correct?

Here are some of the people I called just now.

Commissionaires National Office
100 rue Gloucester Street, Suite 201
Ottawa, ON K2P 0A4
T 613 688 0710
TF 888 688 0715

I am doing as I just promised to the DHS and am posting this email on
the Internet in several places immediately. This will be the first

For the record the Irving media who are reporting the American
nonsense byway of cut and paste of the Canadain Press are ignoring the
fact that to Office of Inspector General of the Department of Homeland
Security answered me in November of 2003 with a complaint numbered
C04-01448 and promised to investigate my concerns long before most
Canadians had ever heard the name of Arar.

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