Saturday, June 14, 2008

Law Firm of Mcinuse Cooper , now Judge Brad Green.Qc.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008
T.J.Burke letter to me ? advice to waste more life?

Do i Richard Harris waste more Time and Complaint to the Police

Look like Brad Green knew what was going on in this case also?


I also Fax Bead Green about what my Lawyer John B.D.Logan told my self and a

WITNESS Who hears this Lawyer John Logan say our Expropriation claim (a,demand:
a right to something.)was worth $750,000.00 dollars,

this was told to us on October 16/2000. In February of 2001? this lawyer Logan

was hire on by Brad Green ?

AUG-O8-2004 SUN O504 PM FAX NO, P. 02
MInl,.i&T MInIqs’
Just it-c
Nou Brunswick
August 3, 2004
Mr. i)avid ft. Amos
153 Alvin Ave.
M1lon, MA
Dear Mr. Amos:
I acknowledge receipt of your correspondence of July 1, 2004 addressed to my attention and to Mr. Frank MeKenna of the law firm of Mclnucs Cooper in Moncton, New Ijnrnswick.
Inasmuch as yotir correspondence appears to refer to allegations of crinilnal misconduct I would suggest that you direct your complaints to the police force having jurisdiction in the matter.
My mandate as Minister of Justice and Attorney Gcncrai for the Province of New Brunswick does lint extend to the investigation of complaints.
Yours tnily,
Hon. Brad Green. QC
Minister of Justice and Attorney General
rc-I.IrLIE.picric P.O. Io4 t.000 C’sv pcmIUc: C000
(5fl() -fl32583 I4cs3rricIoJ r,cLIcrcLun
l.xfr’IeropIca rw IWijflSW It NflUVt1k1 Irt,i,swlck
(506)453 3iI :jim.L. Ui13 5111 ciflada IiI Sill

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