Monday, May 26, 2008

QSLS POLITICS is Speaking out on ISSUES

Friday, May 23, 2008

NB Land-Grab hero fights on:
Richard Harris - 10 years and counting.

NB Land-Expropriation victim Richard Harris is speaking out in a quest for justice that has cost him everything over the past 10 years:

Adapted from

- By January of 1997 the war had started with the Government -
- By December of 1999, I had lost my life. -
- Gave my old house up, lost my Wife,
sold off the equipment that i wanted to take out west. -
- Over $400,000 thousand dollars
has gone through my hands since 1997?
- I will be broke soon. -

Freddy Blogger Charles Leblanc tackles the case:

Direct Links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Current Status in our Corporatocracy:

Dear Mr. Harris:
Cc: Premier Shawn Graham (PO/CPM) (
RE: Richard A. Harris et al v. Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of New Brunswick as represented by the Minister of Transportation

Your email of February 20, 2007 to Premier Graham has been referred to me for reply.

You currently have an appeal in the Court of Appeal of New Brunswick from the decision of the Court of Queen’s Bench, dated June 30, 2005 in the above noted matter. The Attorney General is the solicitor of record for the Province of New Brunswick in this appeal, which is referenced in your email to the Premier. All correspondence in relation to this appeal should be forwarded to the attention of David Eidt, solicitor and agent for the Attorney General.

Your email to the Premier also refers to an action which you have commenced against a Mr. Goodwin. I understand from David Eidt that this is Harrison Goodwin, an appraiser. The Province of New Brunswick is not involved in that action and we are therefore unable to comment on it.

Your email complains about the solicitors who represented you in the trial of your claim against the Province and about certain members of the appraisal profession. Mr. Eidt advises me that you are aware that complaints against these persons should be directed to their professional societies or associations. These organizations are responsible for receiving and investigating complaints about the conduct of their members. If appropriate, they have the authority to impose sanctions upon members who are found to be derelict in their duties.

I trust this answers your concerns.

Yours truly,

The 'Honourable' Thomas J. Burke, Q.C.
Attorney General
Dear Reader,

While most might say that there's nothing a government can do to give back 10 years of a life, this and other cases point out why we need to force them to try. This man has killed himself fighting injustice - and it's up to the citizens to make sure his story is neither repeated nor unjustifiably extended to protect corporate henchmen or solidify neofascist claims on our homes, lands and lives.

If the government stole your home, would you be man enough to keep standing up in the face of this blank-eyed, back-room buck-passing? Or would you run home with your tail between your legs to your meal of processed slop, politically-correct bands, and mind-numbing television? Or will you fight back, choosing not to make yourself a slack-jawed victim?

Sadly, in this day and age - our people have followed the road most traveled and once again given up all quarter in the fight against ill-wielded power.

This began with land expropriation for the tax-payer financed (checked the debt lately?), corporate-controlled access zones that us regular people will soon find much harder to afford, if the economic forecasts are right. While this case is but a small beacon of shame the New Brunswick Government has unnecessarily inflicted upon us, let us not loose our mettle.

Fiat debt thieves and international speculators, marching along with your shock-doctrine overlords - do not think this is for your glory. If you're smart - the time will come when, like John Perkins you realize what you gave up, destroyed and plundered from your people for the enrichment of others miles and continents away.

Our biggest shame is how we let them succeeded (at least on paper) in tearing us down from some of the freest and most open people to a global laughing stock of xenophobic sheep - controlled by psychopaths and sycophants with nothing but Hollywood scruples.

Even taking the middle road on this issue - When will we stop robbing Peter to pay Paul and settle with this man for the true value of his expropriated lands and compensate him (with efficiency, if nothing else) for the bureaucratic hell our politicians have cast him into?

- Dan F.

P.S. Where the F*ck is M$M (1, 2) on this one?


Charles LeBlanc said...

Good work. Keep it up!!!

Richard is a rebel and will fight till the end!!!

Dan F said...


The point is - he shouldn't have to do it until the end - at some point the system needs safety valves to ensure this isn't happening.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Corporations have fully bought out the ones we chose from in the last elections.

Maybe once the people lose enough (i.e. University access, EFI, their homes) people like you, Richard and David Amos will not be so casually dismissed and pushed under.

I really wonder what these politicians think their legacy from all their inhumanity will be?

Best wishes,

Dan F.

David Raymond Amos said...

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