Monday, May 26, 2008

CND Bushites prepare for War

CND Bushites prepare for War Link on title to Dan

Is Stephen Harper Preparing for War?
Dan Dicks - Press for Truth
May 25, 2008

Well he is preparing for something. The Tory government has announced a 20-year, multibillion-dollar plan to strengthen Canada's military. A plan which could reach up to $30 billion dollars says Harper. Could this be to prepare for something that may happen outside of Canada, or perhaps something within? The global elite have big things in store for Canada within the next few years, and Stephen Harper is the guy to carry out their plans. On Monday while at the Halifax Armoury Harper announced that "If a country wants to be taken seriously in the world, it must have the capacity to act. It's that simple, otherwise, you forfeit your right to be a player. You're the one chattering on the sideline that everyone smiles at, but no one listens to."

He is certainly ready for action. This is no surprise when you consider that it has been 5 years since he attended the Bilderberg meeting in Versailles, France. Three years later he became Prime Minister of Canada. The same year he became Prime Minister, the Bilderberg group came to Ottawa Canada to discuss the plan for a North American Union. The following year Harper meets in Montebello Quebec with George Bush and Felipe Calderon to discuss the SPP and the agenda for a North American Union followed by another meeting in New Orleans the year after that. And here we are in 2008. Stephen Harper is preparing for something alright. The $30 billion dollar plan to beef up the military also includes a plan to improve surveillance, and to bolster support for civilian authority in the event of natural disasters.

You may be asking yourself why would he do that? Well a “disaster” is all that is needed for Canadian citizens to be scared into accepting a North American Union, which has been a Bilderberg plan right from the beginning and Stephen Harper is their poster boy who is eager to get it done.

This is why it is so important to inform your fellow citizens about the SPP/NAU agenda before it’s too late. Join us at Queens Park in Toronto on June 14th. Take a stand for Canada and have your voices heard.

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