Tuesday, May 13, 2008

John S.Raymond


I then told him about our investigation of his comparable sales. He was willing to consider any new sales data we had on lots he did not price because he missed them in his searching. What he meant by consider I have no idea. I asked if he investigated all the sales and he told me he spoke to everyone involved in the comparable sales. I then told him a lot of the sales were between relatives and he just shook his head. He then mentioned about the lots having (garbage) concrete junks. I told him that this was good future fill and would have been burried if Richards land was not taken. By this time Richard is taking out his nitro and becoming agressive so I told Mr. Carter we were leaving. He told us to take him to court or report him to the Appraisal Institute he was sticking to his report. He was quite upset and I told him not to bother sending any papers. Richard should have been able to rebuttle the DOT appraisal when it came out first. He could have had it cancelled or changed at that time or at least got Mr. Carter to prove that the sub-division was not feasible. I wonder what he had for figures besides Charmac and at least we know now what he will be using as a defence for not doing "subdivision land". Can anyone tell if he was oblidged by the appraisal institue to detail his findings when doing his Complete Appraisal - Summary Report which is supposed to be done according to certain criteria.

Could you comment on the concerns above?

John: I need to know which memorandum dated 09 Feb 2000 Mr. Goodwin wants Richard to abide by:

We have to get the last paragraph of page # 2 starting with

If on the other hand, RAH is awarded the amount that I have qualified in the appraisal

Note: We do not know what this figure is as of yet until he does his corrections but it will be higher than the draft anyway. I should have had a response to my e-mail corrections that way we may have a very high price and that way Richard will be more relaxed knowing he will have to get a large settlement in order for Goodwin to hold him to the agreement. I have a strange feeling that he will not include this last para on page # 2, just a feeling that I can not get ahead even after convincing Richard to sign. I also need your opinion when I draft a reply to Goodwin before Goodwin gets it. I can not send anything until I know which memorandum he wants Richard to abide by.

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