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Nuclear Waste Management Organization

The dates for the meetings in N.B. --

Fredericton, NB - June 3
Saint John, NB - June 4
Edmundston, NB - June 4

More details below.

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>Subject: [Energy-vision] Canada's Long-Term Plan for the Safe and Secure
>Management of Used Nuclear Fuel - Nuclear Waste Management Organization
>Invites Participation
>Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 16:06:35 -0400
>From: Shawn patrick stensil
>Canada's Long-Term Plan for the Safe and Secure Management of Used Nuclear
>Fuel - Nuclear Waste Management Organization Invites Participation
> TORONTO, May 5 /CNW/ - The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO)
>has issued a discussion paper outlining a proposed process for identifying an
>informed and willing community to host a deep geological repository for the
>safe containment and isolation of Canada's used nuclear fuel for the long
>term. The $16 to $24-billion national infrastructure project will involve
>development of the repository and will include the creation of a centre of
> The NWMO is inviting public comment to refine and confirm its draft
>siting plan. The organization is holding a series of regional public
>information sessions in the four nuclear fuel cycle provinces (Saskatchewan,
>Ontario, Québec, New Brunswick) and is planning additional activities over the
>coming months to invite comments and discussion through to the end of October
>2009. The 2009 outreach program continues the collaborative development of the
>site selection process that NWMO initiated through its dialogues in 2008.
> "We are committed to taking into account the views of all interested
>Canadians at each stage of our work as we collaboratively implement Canada's
>plan for the safe and secure long-term management of used nuclear fuel," said
>NWMO President Ken Nash. "Before we engage communities interested in learning
>more about this important national infrastructure project, we want to know
>that the process we're proposing to identify an informed and willing host is
>open, transparent, fair and inclusive," he added.
> Comments received during the public dialogues that run from May through
>Fall 2009 will be used to refine and finalize the process for site selection.
>Site selection will not commence in 2009; it will begin after the process for
>site selection has been confirmed and finalized.
> The Proposed Process for Selecting a Site is designed to be responsive to
>direction provided by Canadians who participated in dialogues with the NWMO
>during 2008. These interested individuals and organizations said they wanted
>to be sure, above all, that the selected site is safe and secure for people
>and the environment, now and in the future, and that the process for choosing
>the site is grounded in values and objectives that Canadians hold important.
> The discussion document sets out scientific and technical requirements
>that will guide selection of an appropriate site to ensure safety. It
>describes implementation through a partnership with an informed, willing
>community, which fosters well-being and sustainability. And it outlines
>proposed steps through which interested communities would be able to learn
>more as they consider their potential interest in hosting this project.
> "We invite Canadians to review the discussion document and share their
>thoughts on whether the proposed process is appropriate, and what changes may
>need to be made. We also invite people to attend an upcoming information
>session in their region", Mr. Nash said.
> The Proposed Process for Selecting a Site is available on the NWMO
>website at: <http://www.nwmo.ca>www.nwmo.ca. The document is also
>available in printed format from
>the NWMO.
> Public information sessions to review and discuss the proposed process
>are scheduled to begin in the Spring and continue in the Fall 2009. Currently,
>scheduled sessions in regional centres are noted below:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Regional Information Sessions
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> London, ON - May 19 Montréal, QC - June 1
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Brockton, ON - May 20 Trois-Rivières, QC - June 2
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Toronto, ON - May 21 Québec City, QC - June 3
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Sudbury, ON - May 25 Fredericton, NB - June 3
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Thunder Bay, ON - May 26 Saint John, NB - June 4
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Whitby, ON - May 28 Edmundston, NB - June 4
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Ottawa, ON - June 8
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Times and locations for the sessions will be advertised in regional
>newspapers before each event. Saskatchewan sessions will be scheduled and
>advertised in September 2009.
> Based in Toronto, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization was
>established in 2002 by Ontario Power Generation Inc., Hydro-Québec and New
>Brunswick Power Corporation in accordance with the Nuclear Fuel Waste Act to
>assume responsibility for the long-term management of Canada's used nuclear
>fuel which is created as a result of nuclear power production.
>For further information: Michael Krizanc, Phone: (647) 259-3043, Cell:
>(416) 209-8772, Email: mkrizanc@nwmo.ca; Or Jamie
>Robinson, Phone: (647)
>259-3012, Cell: (647) 302-1480, Email:

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