Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Douglas Caldwell QC<,lawyer N.S.

I have passed your message on to Goodwin and must leave it to him to supply
me with the answers.

-----Original Message-----
From: Tucker [mailto:rtucker@attcanada.net]
Sent: February 4, 2000 12:04 PM
To: Doug Caldwell
Cc: John B.D. Logan

Ref: E-mail from Elizabeth with copy of Letter to Mr. Goodwin dated 03 Feb

I phoned Mr. Harris and advised him of the contents. I have printed a copy
for him to pick up at my office next time he is here. Mr. Harris just
changed his mailing address yesterday. He currently resides in some hotel
in Fredericton. You can contact me if you have any urgent matters to
discuss or correspondence to send to him.

As predicted he is not happy with the contents. We know Mr. Goodwin would
wait for the $9,000.00 ballance. Mr. Caldwell does not defend Mr. Harris by
complaining about the balance of fees over the $30,000.00. I guess this
would be a bad time to do this, however, Mr. Harris would like to know if
this may happen down the road when a final report is completed and accepted.

Now Mr. Goodwin attended the meeting Friday. Will Mr. Goodwin be billing
Mr. Harris for this meeting? I know his contract states " he will bill
extra for meetings with clients solicitors", however, this was dealing
primary with the changes to the draft and all of the meeting dealt with this

Then there is the future billings for changes to this draft. Mr. Goodwin
was not impressed with the fact that he has to (in reality) do the report
over. Is he going to bill another $70,000.00 for future work. Mr. Harris
needs to know this today. This is Mr. Harris's request.

Then there is my helping him put in a new updated more accurate set of
figures for house building. I have not started this as of yet, however, I
have most of the fact to do this.

I will need all the documents that Mr. Goodwin has in his office related to
this case. I have been instructed by Mr. Harris today to ask Mr. Caldwell
to contact Mr. Goodwin and confirm when these documents will be ready for
pick up. I can not operate with one hand tied behind my back. I have
stripped Mr. Harris's files and hold most of it in my office, however, a lot
of information Mr. Harris has is in the possession of Mr. Goodwin. Could I
get a confirmation back that these documents will be put into a box and
ready for pick up at Mr. Goodwins office in Moncton. We will come to
Moncton as soon as they are available for pick up.

This is all subject to confirmation that Mr. Logan and Mr. Goodwin are still
in favour of me working with them and Mr. Harris, considering the contents
of the last e-mail I sent them. If you have any comments about the contents
let her rip. I told you before I have been known to be wrong before.

Couple of quick comments about Mr. Goodwins report:

Forget about the Aerial Electrical figures it was all recaped anyway. Only
problem with this is on page 140. He did charge 5% and 20% on the $3,581.46
figure. This is wrong for him to do this because he did not do it on page

VALUE. I do not want to explain how much confusion this caused me as a
layman trying to understand this section. I just realized this was all for
residual lot Value.

I will be sending more e-mail subject to your approval, regarding the "House
Building" estimates but would like a reply to this e-mail first.

Could you both give me your schedules for this week. If your both out of
town no point in me sitting here wondering where answers are if you not
available to answer them. That way I can be doing something else more
constructive than listening to Mr. Harris bitch about not getting a reply

My e-mail was not meant to be ignorant to you both but rather to help you
understand that I need to ask a question get an answer and move on to
another subject. This is not a case of me not knowing the case or the act
but rather moving ahead through the hurdles as necessary.

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