Monday, May 25, 2009

David Raymond Amos

Friday, May 22, 2009

David Amos the pedophile has cracked. David Raymond Amos has NOT been banned from the Alberta Legislature, as I have checked. I challenge Mr. Amos to provide documentation authenticating his claims of been banned from any legislative assembly in Canada save than the New Brunswick Legislature.

Davis Amos has outstanding US arrest warrants but he is on NO UN watch-list nor the no-fly list.

Do ya think your bloggger buddy the dumb bastard Barry Baby Winters even knows how to read his own words??? What make Alberta any better than New Brunswick i am banished from EVERY Legislative Assembly in Canada including the House of commons and air travel as well. All thecops and parliamentarians know I have no criminal record whatsoeverand the dumb Fed knows it.

Hell Barry Baby has boasted about it inother blogs as he falsely claims that I am a pedophile etc..If therewas ever a walking talking oxymoron it is this far western wackoHarper's. the liberal in Fat Fred city can never say that I didn'twarn them what was comming before the CONSERVATIVE Tanker Malleybanished Chucky two years after his cohorts Bev Harrison, Danny BoyBusssieres and the Fat Fred City Finest illegally banished mean old meand you teased me about it for years until it happenedd to you. N'esyPas Chucky Baby?

Would someone please like to tell me what this e mail to me from Crazy Dave actually says? No one here "sings the praises" of Charles LeBlanc. He is NOT a journalist. He is but a semi-literate, unbalanced ersatz activist with a computer blog.

But I do defend his right to blog, David. Anywho someone explain this shit:

While watching the nonsense unfold in "The Place To BE" while my Clan suffered the trials of Job I just shook my head and tortured thepoliticians, Chucky and his nasty blogger buddies as best I could inand ethical fashion from afar. I did no harm to anyone whatsoever as Istressed tested their integrity on a daily basis. I left you out ofthe fray Mr Feenstra because you also kept you name out of Chucky;'snonsense .

However now that CBC is singing Chucky's praises and youopted to waltz into the limelight and the wacko Barry Winters begansinging your praises today, I said to myself enough BULLSHIT is enoughpreacher. It is time for me to try to bust you in front of your biblepoundingFake Left friends in Fat Fred City and elsewhere as well. Perhapsthen you will consider telling the truth, the whole truth and nothingbut the truth about what yu know to be true instead of leaving thingsout for your on advange. You yip about the homeless but do not careabout my homelessness as youyr cop buddies harass me constantly inorder to try to cover up their many wongs EH? Is it because I am not aChristian and to crude and rude to have human, civil and leal rightslike the biblepaounding little you?

I figured a good place to start my inqusition of you was from whenceyou came in 2004. It appears to me that while I was raising a a littleHell during the election of the 38th Parliament and afterwards in "ThePlace To BE" you were doing the same in BC So I called David Dawesdude to ask about his take on you. After we came to an understandingthat we may have went to High School together in I could tell in aheartbeat that he did not want to know me anymore. It seems that likeyou and everybody else Dawes did not give a damn about my concernsabout the severe lack of integrity and rampant apathy everywhere inthe this wonderful old world if talk of it would spoil his day.

So I let him go about his busy day publishing his take on the world and resorted to my style of emailing my concerns after attempting tointroduce myself to someone who obviously didn't want to know meany way. I have not doubt most of you dudes will merely just pressurize. Trust that I truly don't care that you dudes are too dumb toread and address what will be proprerly recorded published about you someday. The Irvings, CBC and Chucky Leblanc ain't the only dudes in the Maritimes who know how to blog or my name ain't "Just Dave"Veritas VincitDavid Raymond Amos

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