Monday, May 18, 2009

E-mail from Dead horse Just dave, one of hundreds

Hey Richy Baby. Just how dumb are you and you evil blagger buddy
Chucky ??? Why are you dudes flogging a dead horse about six million
Thats chump change. ? Dave it not Chump Change to a guy like me that loss every thing because of Expropriation of my life >, well if you not bitching why are you sending me 10 ---e-mail a day ????

Why are you arseholes still bitching about six million after Chucky's
butt buddy Boudreau's lastest budget has been out for quite sometime?

Do you dummies in Fat Fred City even know how to read??? Budreau talks
of 300 million a year for four years to top up their stock market
losses in their pension plans as he gives the most generous of tax
cuts to the exclusive few.


Lets just say you get the governments you deserve especially after you
bastards laughed at and teased me about the crooks you support tried
to have me locked up last year. Remember Richy Baby?

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

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