Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Deputy Ministers and bureaucrats who wield the real power.

Too bad so sad that you dudes don't have the balls to have a name EH?
You freely offer unsolicited advice to others about how to handle
their legal affairs and trouble with the RCMP etc. However what good
is it if such advice comes from a whimp who is not willing to stand
behind his own words with a name either in his emails or blog? To put
it bluntly you dudes are merely a worthless farts in cyberspace
without a true ID. If you are all that clever and ethical why not run
for public office and save all our poor souls? I did so four time thus
far but to no avail other than ridicule from such ools as Kyrstal and
the his cohorts in the RCMP and the CBC etc. Oh yea I forgot to run
for public office you must have a name to put on the ballot.

That said I do agree with nearly every word you dudes opted to publish
in a fine but very chickenshit fashion.


I agree furthermore Andy Baby is more than mere idiot as he claims. He
is one nasty fucking arsehole in my humble opinion. But what do i know
I am am just another pissed off Maritimer and Andy Baby is the know it
all Upper Canadian who is A HERO IN HIS OWN MIND and the great I AM
who thinks he is the king of Siam instead of just another PEEVISH,
PETTY, PERVERSE and minor media whore like every other CBC or CTV dude
etc etc..

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

From: Andrew Krystal andrew.krystal@atlanticradio.rogers.com
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 19:51:51 -0400
Subject: RE: Fw: Danny Williams and the real reasons for his "ABC,"
(Anything But Conservative), campaign in 2008 ( REVISED).
To: David Amos david.raymond.amos@gmail.com

I can't read all of your emails when I see them come in because of

I don't know you, so I wouldn't know who you were on the phone. Call in
anytime and I fear not. Of what do I have to be afraid? I'm just doing
a radio show and eentertaining people.

Tell me I'm an idiot on the air, whatever you wish. The more the

Thanks for listening. No need to reply.

Andrew Krystal

Machiavelli wrote:

I stumbled into your website today while looking for something else.
Having lived in N.S. for life ( it is more like a sentence, but only
since the sleaze took over) I don't doubt that you have been wronged
and 75% of everything else you've said ( or imply) is true as well. I
hope you haven't given up the fight. I may be able to help and then,
again, maybe not. You might want to take a look at this site


this is one of many I've either made contributions to or written for
... ALWAYS in anonymity. The reasons why I do it this way should be
obvious to you ... you're experiencing them. The other reason is these
bastards may have their suspicions as to who is going after them but
they cannot hit a target they can't see ... and no one here is showing

I do have a comment on your site that you might take as constructive.
I found in reading it that you ( the royal YOU, in this instance) talk
around and around whatever it was that caused you to be wronged but
you don't come right out and nail it. The other thing you could or
should do is put documentation up to support whatever the slime has
done to you. Maybe you can get them really pissed off at you again. In
the meantime, look for what used to be a Radio Shack store near you
and pick up a telephone jack interface that allows you to begin
recording all of your phone calls as soon as you pick up the
receiver.That way, if they ever do call you again, you'll have a nice
clear recording of that person's voice to put up on the 'Net as a
downloadable MP3 file and the person's voice will be recognized by
someone ... not to mention that it is illegal to threaten anyone ...
therefore, you should be able to generate media pressure and public
opinion to make the RCMP get off their arses and investigate. Whoever
had the brains to put your site together can put an audio file up for

The dirt in Nova Scotia is very basically this, NONE of the political
parties are any good and the same can be said for the majority of
politicians. Everyone in this province who knows that fact or is
beginning to accept it, should cease to vote, chase any politician
campaigning away from your door and tell them to shove their brochures
where the sun don't shine. Don't support any party with your time or
your MONEY.

Also, go tell everyone who will listen to do the same thing. Tell them
to take a look at our site. There are enough people in the province
who have been screwed by one government or another,that, if they ALL
got together, things could change ... but we all have to work to that


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