Monday, October 05, 2009

Honourable Stephen Harper:

Sent: Sunday, October 4, 2009 1:45:00 PM
Subject: Democracy??

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper:

I sent an email to Canada's Governor General informing her of the ongoing problem in Canada of the conspiracy problem that seems unfixable. There has been so much trouble with police policing police that some effort is now being made to correct it but the judge judging judges problem is still alive and doing well.

While those responsible are all snug in there untouchable positions, other countries are going to be wondering why they should convert to this democracy of ours when our corruption is no better than theirs. One recent example is the Byron Prior case where Justice David Orr has sentenced Byron to the Waterford Mental Hospital for complaining about former Justice T. Alex Hickman impregnating his 11 year old sister. All Mr. Prior is asking for is a DNA test from Mr. Hickman to prove one way or the other whether he is the father of the child. This pits the expensive court case and the expensive Hospital confinement against one Q-tip swab to get a DNA test. I believe in these times of tight tax payer money most any reasonable judge (an unbiased judge) would order the DNA test. It almost seems like these judges need a dictionary to separate the word "independence" from the words "Violation without penalty".

Sincerely, Lloyd Brinson, 'Concerned Citizens for Justice" group member
But then it's so convenient for those who have th authority to hide behind the "Independence of the judiciary"

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