Tuesday, September 29, 2009

" Truth and Justice"

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Justice? What justice?
Here, we have a child, victim of atrocities ( rapes, beatings, and forced to be a witness ) to the rapes and beatings of his brothers and sisters; by the very peoples, charged with their protection and well being. At this time, this child is being held illegally, in order to protect those guilty of said crimes. Today, Byron Prior is an adult, the child has grown to adulthood and is seeking justice!
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For the audacity to speak out against those guilty, he is send to an asylum under the pretext that Mr. Byron Prior is " DELUSIONAL". What a convenient way to silence the victim from speaking out for the truth. But mind you, we do live in a country, where " Truth and Justice" are nothing more than an illusion or delusion. Politician can take kick backs in the millions or lie under Oath and get nothing more than a slap on the wrist and they get to keep the loot, go figure.
I am Pierre Samson, one of the Duplessis Orphans. The premier of Quebec in 1953 was Maurice Duplessis, a religious fanatic of roman catholic shit, who with the church, sold ( condemned) over 20,000 innocent children to a living hell; has lab rats, check out " MK Ultra/CIA" mind control. This jerk, Maurice Duplessis, was / is revered as an outstanding member of society, Politicians, they sure know how to screw us good and get away with it.
Today, I am 62 years old and like all victims, we never forget the rapes or beatings we had to endure at the hands of those, charged with "OUR" protection, the Politicians, the Justice System, the church. What of the so called doctors, who performed all those lobotomies, those electroshocks given to children while under the influence of LSD 25. Imagine a young child of 7 strapped to the operating table, a doctor administers a dose of LSD 25 ( 2400 microgram) then after 15 minutes, administers electroshocks; I am that child, this was done to me, by Dr. Ewen Cameron at the St Jean de Dieu Asylum, for 8 long years.
What Justice, for who? To this day, they still deny it, regardless of evidences. Byron Prior, is a victim, an innocent child who as been seeking justice, for a long time. If they silence him, then who's next? Who is the next innocent victim to be committed, to be silenced, by electroshocks or LSD 25 or both? Today, Byron is in his mid 50's, he is fighting to obtain justice for himself and siblings, and now, he is being held in this mental hospital against his will, and they have no legal grounds to stand on. This so called assessment that they forced on him, is prejudicial in any sense of the word. Judge Orr's wife ( Dena ) is sitting on this panel, that will decide Byron's fate, if that is not prejudice, then what is? Is our justice system so CORRUPTED?
It would appear that in this country Canada, you need to be able to buy justice or know who's; ass to kiss. The rape of the First Nation peoples, no justice. The rape of the Orphans, Duplessis amongst other Orphans, no justice. The rapes of Mount Cashell, the rapes of Mount St Antoine, the rapes of Jericho Hill School for the blind and deaf and the list goes on. With so much corruption in this country, how is one person to get justice?
Byron, stay strong my friend, you are not alone. I still live with the memories of the past, I do know how you feel too well, I might say. At which point to we say enough? This person has the right to seek justice. if a swap is all that it takes, to find out the truth, then why not? Or is it possible that Byron " IS " right? And " They " will do what ever it takes to silence him, so that " WE " the peoples, never find out how evil and corrupted, the governments and the justice system in this country has become?
Audrey, you can use this as you see fit, all those that can help Byron, please do so, Thanks.
PS: this is world wide.
Pierre Samson

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