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RCMP Reports

RCMP Reports


I, Byron Prior, of 66 Readers Hill Crescent, in the Town of Conception Bay South, in the Province of Newfoundland, HEREBY MAKE OATH AND SAY AS FOLLOWS:

1. I am the Declarant herein and as such have personal knowledge of the facts and matters hereinafter deposed to except where the same are stated to be based on information and belief and where the same are so stated I verily believe them to be true.

2. I was born in Grand Bank, Newfoundland. My date of birth is the 29th day of July, 1953.

3. I am the oldest in a family of six (06) girls and four (04) boys all of whom were also born in Grand Bank, Newfoundland.

4. From approximately the are of four (04) until approximately the age of seventeen (17), I was subjected to numerous physical, sexual and emotional assaults.

5. All of my siblings were also subjected to physical, sexual and emotional assaults by several different persons for a number of years when they were adolescents.

6. In 1966, T. Alexander Hickman, the Newfoundland Justice Minister, raped and impregnated my sister Susan Prior who was twelve (12) years old at the time.

7. Susan Prior subsequently gave birth to a child, Marjorie, as a result of this rape by T. Alexander Hickman. Another child, Aaron, could also possibly be from Hickman.

8. T. Alexander Hickman was fourty two (42) years old and a prominent lawyer at the time he raped my sister Susan, on the day he was elected to represent Grand Bank, in our Provincial Government.

9. T. Alex Hickman was appointed as Newfoundland Minister of Health 1968 to 1969, appointed as Newfoundland Justice Minister 1966 to 1979, and appointed as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland from 1979 to 2000.

10. I have reported the acts of physical, sexual and emotional abuse perpetrated on myself and/or my siblings to the authorities on a number of occasions during the times relevant to there occurrences in an attempt to prevent further abuse.


(a) In or about the year 1960 I reported the abuses to RCMP Sergeant Sturge;
(b) In or about the year 1962 I reported the abuses to RCMP office Gilbert White;
(c) In or about the year 1962 I reported the abuses to RCMP officer Jerry Lahey;
(d) In or about the year 1966 I reported the abuses to RCMP Cpl. Eaton;
(e) In or about the year 1968 I reported the abuses to RCMP Cpl. Sparkes, who took my written statement;
(f) In or about the years 1970-1972 I reported the abuses to RCMP officer Len Briand and Municipal Policeman Richard Foote;
(g) On March 09, 1998, I reported the abuses at the RCMP Detachment in St. John’s, Newfoundland. On this occasion I spoke with several RCMP officers over a fifty two and a half hour (52.5) period of time. Several RCMP officers took written statements from me.

11. I have reported the above sexual, physical and emotional abuse of myself and my siblings to Newfoundland Child Protection Agencies numerous times during the time periods relevant to the abuse occurrences.

12. In the 1970’s my three sisters, Joan, Lucy, Donna and my brother Allan and my niece Betty Ann also made reports to the Grand Bank RCMP.

13. To this date, neither myself no my siblings have received any assistance whatsoever from the RCMP or any Newfoundland government agencies despite the multitude of evidence provided by myself and my siblings since these abuse occurrences began. The authorities won’t even ask the people involved for DNA samples.

SWORN BEFORE ME at the town of
Conception Bay South, in the Province
of Newfoundland, this 27 day of April, 2004.

Jody Miller
A Commissioner for taking Affidavits Byron Prior
For Newfoundland

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