Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Byron Prior"s need help now

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Subject: Byron Prior's Hearing - Waterford Mental Hospital - Oct. 06, 2009

If I am released, it maybe within 2 weeks, and if I am released in 2 weeks there will be restrictions on me for everything. I'm not allowed to write or communicate to anyone on the Internet to have published or anything else and I'm going to have to come back here as an outpatient constantly. They asked if I would take medication for my "delusion" and I refused. if one of the restrictions requires me to cancel my website or you-tube I will refuse to do it and I won't be released. If you want to publish anything you better do it now within the next two weeks.
Here at the Waterford office they refused to take telephone calls from Toronto, Ontario because the staff here suspected that it's private investigators working for me on my case. They refused because these people were asking questions like if I was still there, etc.
They are going to restrict me so I will not be permitted to move or to do anything without them knowing it.

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