Friday, October 09, 2009

The Justice system is just an illusion

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A way to label the Poor, look what it has cost this man.

you can see why he poor after 40 years,? why was there not DNA.

The Justice system is just an illusion for the masses to think there is justice but it really is just an illusion more like smoke and mirrors!
Do you really think that some unemployed person who has mental problems( who knows what stresses brought it on) will get justice against the system?? Lawyers are very good at swinging evidence either way and then it comes down to who can hire more(better)doctors,experts testimonies etc.

Many people who are sexually assaulted ,even multiple members will not bother to push the issue and just wish to just move on with life and dont want to relive the pain of a trial

Look at the people who fought for Millgard and they had DNA proof that he was innocent but still they wont back down from thier assertion that he is guilty??
cant say whos guilty or not,just not enough evidence to look at?

Canadian Corruption link

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