Thursday, October 09, 2008

Who is just dave

The first blogspot I will post this email is here because I know Danny
Boy won't mind after his comment yesterday once I had cornered the
nasty dude who is a software consultant in the PCO office, Gordy Baby

Although Danny Boy and the Gypsy practice their right to support the
nasty French blogger Chucky Leblanc and his Fake Left friends in Fat
Fred City instead of mean old me at least they has the intregrity to
allow my words to stand the test of time and let the politcal cards
fall where they may. For that I thank them. I just wish they would sit
up and pay attention before polling day.

"Right on Amos.

Any remaining fuckers in power better get real straight, real quick
after these elections - enough people know about 911 and the bank
fraud for them to carry on as normal even after these Bull$hit

What sort of actions and scandals will we continue to see as the NWO
attempts to lock in their trifling victories and cover up the damning
loses? "

Furthermore both Danny Boy and Werenr noticed the strange email game
yesterday. They know it was not imagined.

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

P.S. At least the Icelanders are finally paying attention and Google
are saving their copies of blogs so I should too EH?

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