Thursday, October 30, 2008

Law site on Expropriation? System

Expropriation? Has it ever happened to you or someone you know???

go to and see for your self the real story of what going on with your Tax bucks???

We all have heard of the famous Jackie Vautour and his over 30 years long battle with the Government.
divide $200,000 Thousand dollar by #30 years?

then go look at what Bureaucrat John Raymond make in 30 year or Heather Pugh make?

$70,000.00 -X- 30 years = over=== 2million

Jackie Vautour was realty used fair??
I have been
told the Government or bureaucrats have the system set up for only the well connected people such as Appraisers and Lawyers to make money from property owner losses.

From what I’m told the Appraiser will get roughly 25%. The property owner will also receive 25% and the lawyers will get a grand total of 50%!!!!

…and the taxpayers pays the bill!!!

And the Taxpayer will keep on paying ? when Property owner are force on well fair to live?

Is this a way to take and justify the taxpayer’s funds?

For more info on this issue. Click below –

The landowners will be told by the bureaucrats such as John Stanley Raymond like the famous television show- Deal or No deal!!!!

Take this offer or we see you in Court to shut you down??

This is my final offer. Deal or not deal???

If you don’t take the deal therefore you’ll be fried because the Government will take it anyway.

Take a close look at the propose LNG Pipe route through Saint John…

Will these landowners be offered a fair deal for their land? Who knows?

Check this blog site out-

Richard Harris has been fighting this issue for over 10 years and it did take a toll on his life.

He took his first heart attack in 1999, and since then three more!!

From what I’m told he was dealing with a crooked Atlantic law firm PPHM ,

a expert Expropriation Lawyer from Nova Scotia.

Have you ever heard or been caught in an Expropriation case?

Feel free to leave a comment in this blog or send an email to

Richard is looking for X propertys owner?

for help now,

He’s looking for other people with this issue

{ Class Action suit}

A group of angry former landowners will be more successful!!!

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