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rebel richard harris

No way to get a life back. Need to start class action (General)

The Government use Association with big companies to do the Crime so therefore - We the people also can!

Those who are sick of trying to have a life.

We could join together to make some fairness in Property laws.

Once a person becomes a victim in an Expropriation matter?

There is no relief that could be fair.

The Court System for relief is only more delay and expenses add to your Life.

You will not get any fair relief in the Court system, by yourself, or change in law, to get fairness.

If we the People have an Association?

A member that could not be bought by the Government or Big Companies.

If it get big enough?

We the Association members could lobby the Government to cut Property tax on senior at retirement income bases, instead of property value.

This would be a way that senior could afford to keep there homes and pass them on to their children.

We will need volunteers for the first three years to do this until there is enough money in the Association’s bank account that the interest well be able to pay employees.

We the Association Members could get involved in Property Expropriation files to stop the Crime in the Justice System and the Courts

We the Association Members could lobby for investigating the wrong.

We the Members could recommend the Government of the day to fire the Bureaucrats employees.

Such as John S. Raymond!!!!!

We could send a person like this guy home.

Instead of rewarding him with a fat pension.

For the Crime of wasting the Taxpayer’s money.

The membership fee could be as low as $25.00 per-year.

The Government use Association with big companies to do the Crime.
It all about Numbers.

Now look at this message?

Look at the email I sent to Premier Shawn Graham, it’s not like they don't know my First lawyer from New Brunswick John B.Logan went to work for the Government in 2001.

Now this Lawyer John B.Logan told my son and me on October 16 /2000. That our Expropriation claim was worth $750,000.00.!!!!

You can go to and see what I received from Judge David Russell;

I can't believe the Liberal Government would keep this Lawyer on the payroll?

As you can see he did not know much about what I would receive?

By the way the Decision of Judge David Russell came down on June 3, 2005.

The Letter to Premier Graham was a copy of the letter that went to Attorney General Lawyer David Eidt in the first place a week before it was sent to the Premier.

You can see a copy of my letter sent to David Eidt & Premier Shawn Graham. Also a copy of this letter went to the Ombudsman’s office, and to the N.B.Law Society.

There’s no doubt in my mind that both the Liberal and P.C. Government are behind this conflict of MRDC law firm doing 75% of the Expropriation cases for New Brunswick Taxpayers that are in these matters.

David Eidt was also hired on by the P.C. Government.

It doesn’t matter what your Politics are when it come to Expropriation.

I made complaints against My Lawyers, I went to the Law Society in November of 2000, about my Lawyers not getting my Documents to the Government, and I not being able to see the Government Documents’.

T.J. Burke. Quote: These persons should be directed to their professional society?

They were!!!!

I made complaints about appraisers,

Mr. Carter the one the Government had to lowball me.

Back in August of 1997, property agent Stephen Leblanc was offered my first Lawyer Allen Miles $33,000.

That I will not know about until Late November of 1997.

I Richard Harris think this report Value was around or about $53,000?

See here now the Government knew by the paper trail I was up to Changing Lawyer, on January 23/1998.and if they let this Report of $ 53,000.

Was put in to Evidence, that the Law firm Lawyers Patterson, Palmer, Law firms,

would have no chance of Getting paid under the Expropriation Act.

So the Government told Carter how they wanted to take the

Property in the Survey parcel. Point Here is the Date of Survey of parcel.(Heather Pugh. Evidence?)

That three of the parcel taken, there would

Not be marketable on an open market.

The Government now will Paid Mr. Carter Firms $13,000.Dollars

To Justified a statuary offer to Harris in the Amount of $20,726.00

Guest where this Money came from, Look at offer to Lawyer Miles

The offer I won’t know about until November, 30/1997.

This is why I was Changing Lawyer.

I made a Complaint about Harrison Goodwin.

Because I had a draft report and a $70,000.00 plus Dollars invoice over my head,

The only way to get Goodwin to finish was to Grantee him $50,000.more plus thousand dollars.

Beside that I had a draft report that I did not under stand,

and report full of airs?

By the way Harrison Goodwin Market Value on the Government

Four parcel taken was $5,300.00 Dollars on the taken of property.?

Now would any one take two Survey lots and turn it back to raw property.

Then sale it for $5,300.00 Dollars to the Government.

I would not know this until after I have already

Paid him $21,000.00?

why did I do this? Because my Lift was on hold from May of 1997,

I was losing Money on not being able to move on with Life.

I wanted to get this matter of Expropriation of my planed

Employments of working on Property be hind me as quickly as

Possible to move out west to start over?

11 year latter steal here? To Old Now .Stress and Sick.

Go to and look at the


SHIRLEY LYNN MCLEOD, look at the Cost of hearing of there Lawyer bill. Judge George S.Rideout Quote: June 22, 2000

Moncton, N.B.

In the circumstances of this case I find that Mr. Goodwin’s account is excessive and unreasonable. ? Did Bureaucrat John S.Raymond know what was to take place in Richard Harris case in February 2000?

If Bureaucrat John S.Raymond was not so difficult on February or March of 1997, before the Survey work.

I would off settle with him for $160,000.thousand Dollars, for my hold Property. D.O.T. could of change the highway a lineament a little and save the movement of the Salt& sand storage Building for the highway.

With the Tax dollars save here. The Government of the Day could of paid me 4 times and be in Money.

But what I think here is that M.R.D.C. was schedule to get this gift from the Taxpayers.

(A free storage Building)

No buddy know today how I witch I gave the Property to the Government and move on with my life. Instead of fighting for Justice on a man life work. There just no way to get the Time back.

The only relief for me now is to stop this kind of abuse in the System on people life dream.

I live day to day with out any dream now.

I would not want any other person to go through what happen to me.

Look at this: appropriate market value for the lands expropriated.

Remember Goodwin said Market Value $5,300.for the lands Expropriated, Remember I have paid him $21,000.thousand Dollars. Then hired Babineau and paid him about $6,000.00 to get to Court.

Is this not Government organizing white Collars crime?

Friends and Family have told me not to worry about the Government paying the Lawyers,

How do I get my personal cost back? As you can see I have paid out over $30, thousand in reports alone.

Judge David Russell awarded me just $32, thousand on June 3/2005. So dozes dist not mean I got $2, thousand for my Property.

I paid $1,600 hundred for an airplane ticket to go out west to have work for the summer of 1997.

Remember land agent Stephen Leblanc was out to see us on February 12/1997.This would be the first time that I would have any I –D

of how the highway shifting would affect my self Employments of planning to work on my property.

That would produces 18, building lots to work with. (18 building lots paid for in full)

If I was not in this Expropriation Matter, I don’t think I would of had gotten mix up with Caldwell or Goodwin.

Caldwell and the Government use Goodwin as a tool to Delay & deep pockets me until I would be to poor to get to Court.

Boy did I fool then? I Spence every cent I could get to go to Court, in 2005, Boy fool Judge Russell Spence every cent he gave me in 2005 to get an appeal of his judgments on my life work.

See all you caring, people in court on February 13, 2008. At 10: AM

Based on the evidence before me I believe that the highest and best use for the lands of the McLeod’s’ is blueberry production. But having reached that conclusion, the issue of compensation is far more elusive.

Now go back to McLeod hearing of February 25, 2000.


Both sides in this case have effectively attacked the appraisal of the other. The Court is thus left with a situation where it is difficult to reconcile what constitutes fair compensation for the lands taken.

While I accept Mr. Goodwin’s conclusion that the highest and best use of the land is blueberry production, I have difficulty accepting the comparable sales he utilized to arrive at the price per acre of $2,200.00. As was noted earlier, Mr. Goodwin adjusted each comparable sale and in one case this adjustment was more than half the total adjusted sale price which brought the price to near his average price.

Referring again to Eric Todd’s text supra at page 193 he says:

. . . However, the necessity of making adjustments in most cases introduces a subjective factor into the appraisal process which may lead to genuine differences of opinion and consequential wide variations in the estimated market values of the subject property by different appraisers. As a general rule it can be stated that the more the required adjustments, the less reliable is the resultant estimate of value.

. . .

Obviously “sales which require a 50% adjustment as to time and location cannot be regarded as particularly reliable comparables” and it is incorrect to mathematically average the sale prices of comparable properties.

After hearing all of the evidence, I accept Mr. Bringloe’s refinements of Mr. Goodwin’s calculations. On balance and logic these calculations appear more appropriate. He concluded that the land expropriated was worth $440.00 an acre or $10,340.00. I accept that figure as the appropriate market value for the lands expropriated.

Injurious Affection


I therefore order that, the Province of New Brunswick pay to Richard Winslow McLeod and Shirley McLeod the following compensation;

a) the sum of $10,340.00 as market value for the lands expropriated.

b) the sum of $18,500.00 for injurious affection to the remaining lands.

c) The sum of $3,700.00 as a business disturbance cost resulting from the expropriation.

d) The sum of $3,000.00 as reimbursement for the owner’s time.

e) Costs and interest to be determined following argument.

George S. Rideout

Judge of the Court of Queen's Bench of New Brunswick

February 25, 2000


 Richard Harris will make a comment here about the waist”:

1. Mr. McLeod at first was looking for $100,000.00

2.$72,825.06. Lawyer was paid by Taxpayer.

3.Goodwin total for appraisal account of $28,750.00.

4.How Much was paid to D.O.T.Appraiser?

I order the Province of New Brunswick pay the following to Richard Winslow McLeod and Shirley Lynn McLeod.

a) the sum of $362.25 on or before June 30, 2000.

b) the sum of $15, 228.84 on or before June 30, 2000.

c) the sum of $72,825.06 within a reasonable time.

d) the sum of $28,750.00 within a reasonable time.


I therefore order that, the Province of New Brunswick pay to Richard Winslow McLeod and Shirley McLeod the following compensation;

a) the sum of $10,340.00 as market value for the lands expropriated.

b) The sum of $18,500.00 for injurious affection to the remaining lands.

c) The sum of $3,700.00 as a business disturbance cost resulting from the expropriation.

d) The sum of $3,000.00 as reimbursement for the owner’s time.

e) Costs and interest to be determined following argument.

The Government would of save at the very lest $70, 000, 00 Dollars if they would of Gave Mr. Richard Winslow McLeod at first, the $100,000. The Government got these Expropriation players set up very good to steal the Taxpayer money, to give to there buddy the stage player of the Court Show.? Organizations, professional, societies, or associations. ?

Who set this up? A bluff to waste your time in life.

Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 22:13:09 -0800
Subject: [the system] Burke, T.J. (Hon.)


Marquis, Louise (JUS) ( on behalf of Burke, T.J. (Hon.) (JUS) (


March 21, 2007 3:15:02 PM



Premier Shawn Graham (PO/CPM) (

Dear Mr. Harris:

RE: Richard A. Harris et al v. Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the

Province of New Brunswick as represented by the

Minister of Transportation

Your email of February 20, 2007 to Premier Graham has been referred to me for reply.

You currently have an appeal in the Court of Appeal of New Brunswick from the decision of the Court of Queen’s Bench, dated June 30, 2005 in the above noted matter. The Attorney General is the solicitor of record for the Province of New Brunswick in this appeal, which is referenced in your email to the Premier. All correspondence in relation to this appeal should be forwarded to the attention of David Eidt, solicitor and agent for the Attorney General.

Your email to the Premier also refers to an action which you have commenced against a Mr. Goodwin. I understand from David Eidt that this is Harrison Goodwin, an appraiser. The Province of New Brunswick is not involved in that action and we are therefore unable to comment on it.

Your email complains about the solicitors who represented you in the trial of your claim against the Province and about certain members of the appraisal profession. Mr. Eidt advises me that you are aware that complaints against these persons should be directed to their professional societies or associations. These organizations are responsible for receiving and investigating complaints about the conduct of their members. If appropriate, they have the authority to impose sanctions upon members who are found to be derelict in their duties.

I trust this answers your concerns.

Yours truly,

The Honorable Thomas J. Burke, Q.C.

Attorney General

From: Richard Harris []
Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 3:32 PM
To: Premier Shawn Graham (PO/CPM)
Subject: I need help I will be cook Monday at 1:30 in

In court Monday at 1:30 the 26 /07 on a motion that my Action on Goodwin more then likely will be gone? This man took 21,000.thousand from me 8 year ago please help me for I go off the deep end February 16, 2007

To David D. Eidt, Esq. Office of the Attorney General

670 King Street E3A-3E4

Room 444, Centennial Building

Fredericton New B runswick

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