Wednesday, September 23, 2009

lawyers working for government in N.B.for property


THe first part of the interview with Richard Harris, who had his land expropriated just outside the Oromocto city limits and is currently in court seeking reparations.

Government takes land for many reasons - from widening roads to constructing water and sewage plants to building new highways. Usually, government representatives will negotiate with a landowner before the power to forcibly take land is exercised.

Understanding your options is critical if you have been approached by a government authority. We offer expertise in expropriation law; that is, the law governing the taking of land from individuals and corporations by the government.

If you are a government authority we can advise on the process of acquiring land from individuals and corporations.

If you need a lawyer in this area, please contact any of the following lawyers:

Douglas A. Caldwell, Q.C.
Dennis J. James
Robert H. Pineo

If you want to loose your life ? you should get these guys,??

There bill in my case to the N.B. Government was $212,000.00 dollars ? what do you think they got me

. A

cheque for $2,726.00 dollars for my company property.

tell me what you think of this, i have a carpenter lesson

and loss nine Building lots for this money , can any one tell me where i can get one building lot for this money,

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