Thursday, July 16, 2009

receiving billions

Social Security Executives

Dancing on Your Dollar

It is no secret that America’s economy is in great straights. It is as an airplane in a tailspin, and there is little doubt that its decline shall go even steeper toward a total crash and burn.

We have already witnessed the banking executives celebrating at posh resorts and giving themselves bonuses after receiving billions in bailout money out of your tax dollars. Now, we are seeing this same sort of revelry going on within the Social Security. The plain fact is that the Social Security Administration is nothing a giant Pansy scheme that depends upon evermore participants contributing into the pot than are drawing out. It if now facing a barrage of Baby Boomers who are entering the age of beginning to draw off the pot, while the contributors (people employed) are diminishing.

By even its ardent supporters, the Social Security Administration is soon to go bankrupt. It is like driving off the edge of a precipice and going over the edge, yet we pretend the inevitable will not happen, at least in our lifetime. We have taken on the Hezekiah syndrome, i.e., it is good that I can grab all the gusto I can get now, and let the judgment fall unto my children and my children’s children, II Kings 20:18, 19.

What we are witnessing here is the stealing while the stealing is good, for if they don’t steal it now, someone else is going to come along after me and steal it for themselves, and all will be gone. This is in fulfillment of my predictions I made a number of years ago, and that is, “The public treasury will be looted. The only two factors we do not know is When, and by Whom.”

- Ron Branson

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