Thursday, July 09, 2009

In Canada it is WSIB. Insurance companies screw injured people over.

If we build it; the people will be victorious<, look what happen to me.

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CannabisWitch (1 month ago)
CannabisWitch (1 month ago)

All insurance companies are criminals. Life, disability, workers comp, all criminals. BUT! Workers comp is the only insurance company in Canada where MEDICAL AND LEGAL RIGHTS are STOLEN THROUGH CORRUPT LEGISLATION! Other companies you can sue for committing fraud. With WCB's you can't and are subjected to a life of pain and misery without medical care and the knowledge they are lieing and stealing from you. PAIN + TORMENT = TORTURE! Canadians dieing by suicide are getting relief from torture
SuperNewf1 (1 month ago)
The problem with lawyers in Canada is they are cowards. They are educated enough to know this government run insurance scam called WCB is MURDERING INJURED WORKERS WITH PAIN, POVERTY, AND STRESS. Why? It is obvious. If dead, claim is closed, no more payments for medical care or wage loss or retraining.


I believe that they are merging tactics:

Visit "drsvec" dot calm home page
See Cuts to Auto Insurance Benefits button
for the 73 page report.


Insurance Fraud is promoting compensation; yet, denying it!
edoctoor (1 month ago) Show Hide
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As you all know the free host failed us, and was down most of the time, If anyone uses a free host and it is up most of the time please let me know, for now I am trying out a new host; I hope that it works for us,

I didn't want to add anything to this video that would make it only apply to my site, This way other countries could use this video to promote their site in their country.

Our lists, will never be merged;however, the questionable will be published everywhere if
decided by the victims
workcoverkillspeople (1 month ago)
Great idea's eco!
I was injured at work in 2006.
After being cut off from WC in 2007, Liberty Mutual finally settled with me in 2009.
If it weren't for my LTD insurance my family an I would have lost everything and starved.
Now that Liberty Mutual has settled, Social Security is denying my benefits.
Like most in the Loop, I'm not faking.
The suicide rate amongst injured workers has to be very high, but no one has documented it.
Why? Because no one wants to know.
Injured workers are the dirty little secret...
edoctoor (1 month ago)

People are always afraid of the truth

because the truth brings [with it] great responsibilities.

Once you know the truth,

you have [no choice but] to do something about it". -- Eustace Mullins
stanhalll (3 weeks ago) Show Hide
Stan Hall in London Ontario Canada Says, I hate Lawyers, Politicians, Insurance companies as they are all liras, and yet we can't do anyting because the rich get richer and the poor get poor and the homeless become more abundent. why you ask because we sit on out ass and complain and do fuck all about it.
Stan Hall
I know, here I am with a solution,
but they would all rather "bark up the wrong tree"
it is sad, that all the other countries are on
board, but for some reason that I can't figure out
Canadians haven't figured out:

If you keep on doing,
what you have always done,
then you will, keep on getting,
what you have always gotten.

The solution is that we must all legally get together.
it is simple, and I have provided the means to do such.
edoctoor (3 weeks ago) Show Hide
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I believe that we shouldn't start with the
insurance companies, nope, they are prepared

There are so many other legal battles that must
occur first.

Like the Corrupt friends that are not protected;
Remember: "The Doctor's Oath"

And we have friends:
Like the government systems that are here to fight poverty and protect Human Rights;
I feel that they need a little promotion too,

I can promise all of you,
that you that you can not kill a tree
by picking its fruit...
AnotherBrotherMark (3 weeks ago)
This is excellent
I am not in this situation, but this is a tremendous opportunity for the injured who were denied just compensation to receive victory.
If you suffered an injury, you need to watch this video.
The images itself were not too bad, but for future videos, I would try to focus on voice modulation at appropriate times and afflictions...
Great message, but like anything else, it requires people to get off their backsides - something most truly dread.

Great video. 5 stars!

In Canada it is WSIB. Insurance companies screw injured people over. I know of too many people who were denied and are suffering not only from their injuries and how these injuries impact their lives and families, but also from the lack of support on any level from the workman's insurance boards. I know first hand.
Insurance companies are self serving money hogs.

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