Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dave Amos

Mr. Amos,

I listened to both of your audio clips. There are no dates, no names!

Where can it be proven that they are illegally taken FBI wiretaps?

You’re asking a lot to have people just take you on your word. I am not saying it is bad, just please do more to prove your point.

If you have a treasure-trove of tapes, why did you pick these clips?

Street guys with Boston accents talk in code, what does that prove?

I know there is abuse and there is wrongdoing. Please provide more information. How will these clips take down Bush?

From what little I know, were these wiretaps, if that is what they are, even done when the 2nd Bush was in office?

I have seen and heard quite a lot, and I want the official criminals to be arrested, put in handcuffs, and hauled away in front of their families and friends to be locked in cages. So make it so.

Please let me know what information that can be used to do this and to prove your point.

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