Monday, February 22, 2010

Law Society joke

This is a copy of a letter I sent to the New Brunswick and the Nova Scotia Law Society

I have filed complaints in New Brunswick about the return of my files and documents against a lawyer in this Province.

His name is Jamie Eddy!!!!

I now wish to do so against two Nova Scotia lawyers as well.

I am not a lawyer, but I have appeared in court on February 26th 2007 on a motion that has come about regarding an expropriation case that a decision was handed down upon on June 3th, 2005.

I will send you an attachment of a letter that I have received from the New Brunswick Law Society, dated October 25, 2006.

This email letter is from a Robert Pineo <> to my NB lawyer, James Eddy.

Since then more than 90 days have passed.

Obviously Mr. Pineo and Mr. Douglas Caldwell <> would know that with my own appeal of File: F/C/328/00 and the action on the Goodwin matter File: F/C/ 187/04 requires that I would need my files and documents back immediately.

They have moved these files to Nova Scotia without my knowledge.

When I went to Fredericton to look at what was in my files in May of 2004, because the Government lawyers had requested me to do an undertaking,

Mr. Eddy informed me the NS lawyer Doug Caldwell had the files moved to his office in NS.

I asked Mr. Eddy to show me what he had for files in his office in Fredericton?

He produced 2 file folders which I was allowed to view in a private room.

When I was looking through these files I came upon an email memo which basically instructions directing the removal of my documents to the Truro office to make it more difficult for Richard (myself) to see them.

I asked Mr. Eddy what was up with this?

He QUICKLY grabbed the documents from me and said that that memo should not have been there.

When challenged, he said those files are the property of Mr. Eddy. <>

I was very upset and left the office.

I called him up the next day and left a message on his answering machine requesting a copy of the memo that I had viewed, but never received one.

Now the defense might be successful because I cannot obtain the files and documents necessary to back my claim.

I am at a loss for what further to do?

I am pleading for you < New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Law Society > to intervene and have my files returned to me as there are many documents in the files pertinent to the Goodwin matter File: F/C/ 187/ 04.

Yours truly,

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