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denial of due process,in Justice in Canada.also

No Place to Turn!

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Dear JAIL for Corrupt:

Would you know of any lawyer in the United States who would take a big case for denial of due process, a Human and Civil Rights case that could bring down one of the biggest insurance companies, and a state administration full of their henchmen?

I was willfully crippled for life by crimes proven in court fight. Now I am forced to seek help outside the United States….


From: Offering Accountability of Judges Directly to the People

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To: "Judicial Acct. Directly to the People"

Date: Friday, August 14, 2009, 8:22 AM


(Ron Branson’s response below –

From: Robert L. Cheney Jr. []

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To: JAIL4Judges

Subject: Unlawful Arrest by Court

Dear Jail4Judges:

Hello. My name is Robert L. Cheney Jr., and I have been in the Father's Rights movement for quite some time and have also been battling these California courts on the order of 25 years.

We just recently had a man, railroaded into prison in MARIPOSA COUNTY

in California. (Very corrupt). This court is also working in conjunction with an out-of-control DIVORCE CASE in Merced County. Both courts are acting in unison and cannot arrest Daniel Vienna (the Father) enough! (They have repeatedly arrested him for an imagined crime (traffic).

The first case is a traffic infraction case (crossing yellow line, driving without license, obstructing officer (lie). We asked for Administrative Hearing with the CHP officer to which he denied the hearing (which was a default). We then made a Special Appearance at all times in the traffic case -- to which that court steam rolled over him, moved to jury trial which "convicted" him. At all times we made Special Appearance.

We then moved into the appeals court and demanded proof of jurisdiction ("Once jurisdiction is challenged it must be proven"). We had the definitive case law showing that when Administrative hearing is denied, the Superior Court loses

jurisdiction (double jeopardy). The court would not listen to the law. We've gone up through the courts on that issue and now are in the Federal Court on a REMOVAL (Fresno DCUS 1:09 CV 01124 ). Under Anthony v. Runyon, once it has been removed, the lower superior court loses jurisdiction.

He then had a divorce. The wife left him for a lesbian relationship and left him, the home and the family stranded. A "divorce" case then ensued in Madera County. He got a lawyer (Maurice E. Joy)--worst decision he ever made.

HIs lawyer drained him of everything (30K plus) and of course did nothing. When the money was gone, the lawyer then moved to be relieved of the case. Dan asked the lawyer to stay, asked the lawyer what is defense was (never answered), never provided a defense. Dan also asked for TIME to procure another lawyer (never given). The California Rules of Professional Conduct state that the lawyer cannot

just leave, and that the lawyer stay and MUST secure his interests before leaving and MUST give him time to procure a new lawyer. THIS WAS NEVER DONE ... the court just STEAMROLLED OVER HIM AND THEN SEIZED HIS HOUSE! There was no hearing on this, even though we demanded it--and the court summarily granted the lawyers motion to leave the case, and then immediately seized this guys home (forcibly threw him off) and left the whole family homeless. This was done by both lawyers who wanted to be paid.

The Madera divorce court was told by the wife and her lawyer of the Mariposa court and his fight on that issue. Both courts then conspired against him. The Mariposa court put him up for arrest on a bogus FTA (when he appeared by paper -- and the date for that hearing was thrown in when they knew he was in LA). The court immediately put a 'bench warrant" out for him.

He applied for bail ($15000). They would ONLY let him have bail IF he booked. (No cause, as that case was a VOID JUDGMENT). They then upped the bail to $25,000...he got a bailbonds to pay it and the court finally accepted.

We asked for a DEMAND FOR PRODUCTION OF WARRANT under PC 842 which they never have given him in almost a year of asking for the alleged

warrant. WE also asked for the affidavit in support. They refused.

Yesterday, at the hearing for production of warrant, they arrested him, EVEN THOUGH HE HAD SECURED THE BAIL. (That was shown to the Judge Dana Walton Mariposa Superior Court). He shuffled and then said he was still going to arrest him and 'exonerate' the bail. Dan then stated that the case was removed to Federal Court, and that this court didn't have jurisdiction. The judge had the clerk called the Federal court, and the clerk returned admitting that "yes, it was removed to federal court." They still arrested him anyways, violating his 8th Amendment right to bail and the jurisdictional prohibition that was on the record that the case had been removed and was pending in the upper federal court.

We have noticed that the courts are in a complete FREEFALL. Law is nowhere found in these courts. What has happened in this case is PURE ABUSE. I believe the discussion has to go from "working" with these courts TO COMPLETELY REPLACING THEM.


We would endeavor your help in this matter. An instant writ of habeas is going into the federal court today, but I doubt that the court will give any remedy.

We need help.

Please RSVP or call me at 530-327-xxxx.


Robert L. Cheney Jr.

Author: Suffering Patriarchy and,


Founder: Legends Legal Aid Society

Dear Robert!

Thank you for writing us. My name is Ron Branson. What you have experienced is typical when you deal with the courts and expect justice. Write this up as a cheap education on what the “law” is all about. I am often confronted with “educated” people who think they know the law, and set out to prove it in court from all parts of this country.

I could tell you story after story of my own personal experiences in the courts. This was in the days when I, like most every other patriot, thought I knew what I was doing. I had to be kicked to the curb and the boot stomped in my face and tortured with electricity until I came to know what the law was really about. I began to feel sorry for the law students who would come to the copy machine in law school to make photocopies as I began to educate them on how they were being brainwashed. I could not have learned what I have learned had I gone to Harvard Law School and earned a degree in law, and received a doctorate.

I have had the Deputy State Attorney General stand before the Appeals Court and yell angrily to the Justices, “Mr. Branson may not be an attorney, but he knows just as much as an attorney, and so you have to treat him as an attorney.” I did my best to retain my composure and not smile or make comment. The fact is, I deem most all of the government attorneys of which I have come up against as total idiots with law degrees, but unable to legally punch their way out of a wet paper bag. The only thing they had going for them is that they were government attorneys covered by the omnipotent judiciary. That is all!

Perhaps you may remember the scene in the movie, 1984 in which electrodes were attached to the subject, and he was asked by the Administrator how many fingers he was holding up. The subject, seeing four fingers, responded, “Four.” The Administrator nodded to the torturer and the electricity was applied. After a torture session, the Administrator nodded again, and the electricity was turned off.

The Administrator said, “I ask you the same question, how many fingers am I holding up?” The subject knew not to say four the second time, so he tried five. The same head nod followed, and he was again tortured with electricity.

The subject was then asked a third time how many fingers the Administrator was holding up. This continued until the subject stated, “How ever many you want it to be.” The Administrator said, “That is correct, and don’t you ever forget it.” The “Law” is whatever the “Administrator” wants it to be, and everything else is wrong!

So I congratulate you on your newly discovered knowledge of the law. You are one step ahead of all those people who think they know the law, when they are actually “educated idiots” naïve to believe that the law is what can be cited from a bound volume called “a law book.” You are now a great candidate for becoming a JAILer, i.e., one who has come to grasp the lesson of which you have now discovered. Great are your words, “AS FAR AS I CAN SEE, THESE COURTS ARE ONLY A DOMESTIC ENEMY.” You can’t imagine the value of lesson this is. It is more valuable than gold, and more to be coveted than precious rubies. My most difficult lesson is getting across to people what you have just learned. I call it the deprogramming of the delusional brainwashing most all go through. So long as people have ingenious ideas, I have to contend with them. But when they reach the bottom of their ingenious ideas, they become candidates for learning.

God bless you, Robert Chaney

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