Friday, June 12, 2009

Government use the Court of law as PROPAGANDA

Nothing has changed, it seems. The only difference now is that the FBIand federal prosecutors are using a court of law to advance thesefalse and unsupported accusations - when they know and have admittedtwice before the appellate bench that they can't prove Peltier'sguilt. They believe they're not culpable now because they are onlyindirectly providing false information to the press. In our system of justice, trials are open and public. This is, inpart, to guard against official misconduct and to ensure that onlyjustice is done. In our mature society, this means that the print andelectronic media are the witnesses to due process - the public's eyesand ears, so to speak. This means that you have the responsibility totell the truth, the whole truth. This means you must remainindependent observers and guard against manipulation by the FBI andgovernment prosecutors who fight only to win, not for the sake ofjustice. Might does not make right, ladies and gentlemen. And the enddoes not justify the means. Barry BachrachAttorney at Law

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