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possaible 430,000. victims

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January 17, 2009From: Kenneth Young CD
Again Mike Staples hits the nail on the head with this story but has anyone sat down and done the math?

Almost 2000 cheques already handed out to what we were by Ottawa, Greg Thompson and DND assured was a maximum of 4000 victims for the seven days of US Military spraying. Are we now after we were dictated to by Ottawa that only the direct handling and contact with these chemicals could be considered dangerous and that the rest of us were just bystanders, now expected to believe that over 2000 Canadian soldiers were involved with the direct handling of these chemicals for the 200 acres sprayed, resulted in causality rates as high as 50% (like Ottawa not counting the already dead) for anyone near Gagetown for those seven days?

Has anyone even tried to add the military and civilian deaths to the 2000 to get a more accurate picture and the true percentage of causalities from this stuff?

So Ottawa compensates 2000 out of possa ible 430,000 victims and now I guess we are supposed to believe that this is all that can be done for the Victims. The Canadian Government was willing to spray chemicals with a 50% + the already dead - kill ratio on their own troupes and civilians in Gagetown but for only seven days and that the identical chemicals which DND under the orders of Ottawa sprayed for almost 29 years were in fact harmless to human health and as they told us back when it was being sprayed as safe as apple juice. The only thing missing here is "Many, many years ago, in a land far, far away" and " they lived happily ever after."

Cpl. Kenneth H. Young CD (ret)

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