Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fraud by the Government

Concerning property the Government acquired for the Fredericton to Moncton 4 lane highway

It is important to keep in mind that property Expropriated from property owners in FACT

was TURN OVER to a private consortium ( M.R.D.C.) Maritime,Road,Development,Corporation,

and not the public of New Brunswick as would be in most cases?

now who are these people that take the taxpayer money, who was the head of this four lane highway.

now who are the lawyers that took on 75% of the legal work??

P.P.H.M. law and one of the head lawyer here was Hon Douglas Young .

now was this not a Conflict of interest that the Government set in place to Fraud Property owner of there property.

I have loss my total life work and money in my fight with the Government over my property'

and if any of you other that read this blog and want to start a class Action on this matter

give me a hoot. because by my self ? I at the end of the Road,

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