Thursday, January 08, 2009

Child Rape and Abuse

link on Danny Williams youtubs

Danny Williams Newfoundland STOP taking my sites down Stupi

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My family was destroyed as young children by Incest, Child Rape and Abuse of every kind in a small town of 2500 people. Supreme Court Judges, Politicians and RCMP are involved and in a position of " Conflict of Interest" and pay a hooker, their mother, to keep quiet, in this case, in Newfoundland. Their names and why are evident on Harrietts Customer List at this Website; &
Before our Premier Danny Williams entered Politics, he and his Law Firm represented me, when he was elected his Firm returned my File and wished me Good Luck finding another Lawyer. No-one in Newfoundland will represent me since and the last Lawyer I asked told me, If any lawyer in Newfoundland represents you, it will be the last job they do in this province. Newfoundland.

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