Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just Dave

For the Record I gave the Irving rag called the Gleaner in Fredericton
New Brunswick many documents supporting my concerns about my family's
safety and the lack of integrity of the US Treasury Dept in late
January of 2002 after my wife and I met SGT Botcher of the RCMP and
left our children in Canada for safe keeping while I took on many
Yankees including the FBI while my wife argued many nasty bastards in
court. This was long BEFORE the Yankee Department of Homeland Security
or the Canadian Department OD Public Safety ever came into existence.
I began my private investigations into the abuse of my Clans' Rights
and Interests in the fall of 2000 BEFORE George W. Bush was ever
elected and long before September 11th, 2001 became a very important
date in World History. That is a very simple irrefutable fact
affirmed in writing by the US Department of Treasury in February of
2002 over one year BEFORE the Yankees attempted to falsely imprison me
in their very questionable prison in Cuba supported by false
allegations of a presidential threat made against me by the crooks
within Quincy District Court of Massachusetts on April 1st, 2003.
These ARE the very same people who ordered my wife and children to be
evicted from our home in 2005 without warrants or due process of law
over a false claim of the lawyer Angel K. Troccoli about unpaid rent
owed to nobody. She is the same lawyer whose false claims that I was
stalking her while running for a seat in the 38th Parliament in Canada
had me falsely imprisoned in October of 2004 as soon as I returned to
the USA after explaining everything in great detail to the Police
Commission of New Brunswick with a lawyer and my American wife
witnessing it all.

My concerns are the concerns of the DHS and the Department of Public

Safety and WE THE PEOPLE of TWO purportedly profound democracies Rest
assured we will meet in Court or my name ain't "Just Dave".

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