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How do abused people express love?

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How do abused people express love?
In Psychology - Asked by Jberg - 1 answer - 12 minutes ago

  1. How do abused people express love?

    They seem to have enormous trouble to show any tenderness. So if most of them cannot be forthright affectionate, how do they go...

    Asked by Jberg - 21 minutes ago - Psychology - 1 Answer - Open Questions

  2. Let me get this straight; One needs to torture, abuse and assault children or spouses in order to express love?

    ...with evil. One needs to torture, abuse and assault children or spouses in order to express love for them? his own son to be tortured, abused, assaulted and killed to show that " for he so love the world...".. .. just acting and...

    Asked by Sara - 2 months ago - Religion & Spirituality - 13 Answers - Resolved Questions

  3. Why do so many people stay with people who love them in some, but not every respect (sorry for the rant)?

    ...gain from, they just lose their head and fire abuse rather than love at you. And you, being a mature...It's being their to comfort her and express your love and respect in every way. It... sigh... Anyway, no guy ever starts out by saying, "Hi, I'm an asshole, want to go out?" They usually start off...

    Asked by CH - 4 months ago - Other - Family & Relationships - 3 Answers - Resolved Questions

  4. Help finding paintings/photography about love?

    ... love 3. Wanting love 4. Abusing love 5. Giving up on love Any... known to express love? Thanks guys... Edvard Munch some of his art are about love

    Asked by Holler. - 7 months ago - Painting - 1 Answer - Resolved Questions

  5. any tips for increast love & affection on my husband?

    ...husband since 1month.he is to express my love to him.plz don't abuse this question.i want good idea and good result... Men are simple, they don't need gifts, they are visual but since you can't be there, give him...

    Asked by cleardoubt2008 - 3 months ago - Engagements & Weddings - 9 Answers - Resolved Questions

  6. How do I Fully forgive my mother, for abusing me?

    ... to voice my opinion, (express myself) without getting...disagreement with her verbally & physically abusing my siblings and I. I...vessel of BURNING anger! I loved her, my mother. Yet I ... not easy...and even though we may love our children so much we all make...without cause....but what you describe is abuse. I am so sorry you experienced...

    Asked by chrissyopal - 1 month ago - Family - 6 Answers - Resolved Questions

  7. Im 14 i have a 15 yo friend who i think is being abused?

    ... these sign of physical abuse -parents have excessive need for control...affection and warmth: Failure to hug, praise, express love for the child -this isnt really a fact but... your friend is really being abused then it would be better...

    Asked by BillyBob Joe boy - 9 months ago - Parenting - 6 Answers - Resolved Questions

  8. whats a song like ''runaway love'' in the sence that it has to do with a kid gettin abused by alcholic parents

    ...and my mom wasl ike never home. wuts a song expressing about the situation??

    Asked by confused - 2 years ago - Friends - 1 Answer - Open for voting

  9. DO NOT REPORT ABUSE, If you wish to make contact email the soul with words of love.?

    ... why they are here but they express it badly…. And some of you report them and in doing so you abuse them! You must take the lead with love. Please just love them! Look at... of righting class's.Personally when I express myself I rant or talk like a hillbilly. But in...

    Asked by James - 2 years ago - Religion & Spirituality - 15 Answers - Resolved Questions

  10. Do you find more people INSPIRING you or DEMEANING you and your FAITH?

    ...and on the other so many people abuse it. I do enjoy when people I...example. She and other Muslims have expressed the most loving affection to people of other... I do understand what you are saying and it can be hard at times. Other times I read...

    Asked by Search4truth - 2 years ago - Religion & Spirituality - 6 Answers - Resolved Questions

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